TU to Dedicate Tiffin University Nature Preserve

TIFFIN UNIVERSITY, TIFFIN, OH—Tiffin University will dedicate the Tiffin University Nature Preserve on Tuesday, June 5, 2007 at 2:00 p.m.  The community is invited and encouraged to attend.

Located on Miami Street, the Nature Preserve is a partnership between Tiffin University and The Seneca County Park District, The Seneca County Commissioners, The City of Tiffin, The Hopewell Township Trustees and supporting funds from the Clean Ohio Grant Fund.

Tiffin University is one of the few Ohio colleges and universities to access the Clean Ohio Grant fund and the only one to utilize both statutory objectives of the fund.

The Clean Ohio Fund was established to preserve natural areas and farmland, protect streams, create outdoor recreational opportunities, and revitalize urban areas by returning contaminated properties to productive use.

The opening of the Tiffin University Nature Preserve completes a three-year project to permanently protect approximately 29 acres of streamside forest. The nature preserve provides an enhanced natural setting for gatherings of students and staff, as well as accessible natural areas for Tiffin and Seneca County-area citizens.   

This is the first of two projects to be completed with the assistance of the Clean Ohio Fund by Tiffin University.  Tiffin University, in cooperation with the City of Tiffin, is using the program to renovate and reuse toxic sites in Ohio by transforming the former Rosenblatt property into a new recreation center.  

The Tiffin University Nature Preserve will preserve, restore, and enhance the Wolf Creek stream corridor running through the Tiffin University Athletic Fields.  The University created a nature preserve of approximately 29 acres of forested floodplain wetland and vernal pool complex to improve water quality, and create public access to its existing public facilities with three new bridges and 4,000 linear feet of nature trail.  The nature preserve will enhance the Tiffin University campus by providing a naturalistic setting for informal student and staff gatherings and will provide an open-space preservation in the county’s most populated area.  A conservation easement on the nature preserve will be conveyed to Seneca County Park District - creating the second largest regional park in Seneca County.

For additional information, contact Dr. Michael Grandillo, Vice President for Development & Public Affairs at 419.448.3418.