Adult Student Services Makes It Happen: We Want You To Achieve Real Success!


Welcome to Tiffin University and the Office of Transfer and Adult Student Services! We have been serving adult learners for over l00 years. We recognize that you are a vital component of our diverse student population and the educational experience of our community.

We also know that by sharing your "real world" life experiences in the classroom, everyone will benefit. An enriched exchange of learning takes place as older and younger students interact with faculty, and with each other. This type of genuine connection is what TU is all about.

You Won’t Get Lost In The Crowd At TU

At TU, you’ll never be a number.  You’ll always be a face with a name, and we can promise that you won’t get lost in the crowd.  You will be greeted by experienced advisors who will help you in completing the admissions process, filing for financial aid, registering for classes, transferring credits, constructing a plan to finish your degree, and connecting with other adult students.

We realize that you already have a busy life. Adult Learners are students balancing their education with careers, family responsibilities, and other commitments.

We’ll Assist You Every Step Along The Way

The Office of Transfer and Adult Student Services offers you services that support your needs and streamline the application and registration processes. This personalized "one-stop" route for our adult students helps us to get to know you even better.

Make it real at Tiffin University! Contact us today and make the next great step in your life and career.