On Campus Learning

For more than 125 years, Tiffin University has provided a high-quality education for students who want to live and learn at a private, coeducational university. We pride ourselves on offering professionally focused academic programs within a personal, caring community that, above all, puts students first.

Step onto our beautiful 130-acre campus and discover a place where you will be transformed academically and personally. We offer undergraduate and graduate degree programs taught by faculty (not graduate assistants) who are experts in their field and who bring practical experience to the classroom. That means you'll have direct access to professors who will know you by name and who will take the time to help you make connections inside and outside the classroom.

You Won't Get Lost in the Crowd
At Tiffin, there are no large lecture halls. In fact, you'll never have more than 45 students in a class. Our historic campus is small and quaint, making it easy for you to get around. You'll be able to go from one class to another in just minutes, and you'll have plenty of time to visit with friends along the way.

Real Support
We want all of our students to think of Tiffin as their home away from home. That's why one of our main priorities is making sure you have access to a strong support system that includes faculty, staff, and fellow students. Our community is truly focused on helping you get the most out of your experience. From student-led tutoring to career and internship support services, Tiffin students always know there is someone ready to lend a helping hand.

Yes, You Can Make a Difference
Take a minute to talk to Tiffin's residential students. You'll discover that while each came to campus with their own dreams and goals, they have two big things in common; they wanted a University where they could meet one-on-one with professors without having to make an appointment, and they wanted a place where they could get involved and make a difference.

Here are a few students who are making connections at Tiffin:

Brandon Johnson is from Akron, Ohio, and he never dreamed that he could find a university close to home where he could study forensic science and human services as a double major. He came to Tiffin to earn a criminal justice degree and play college football.  One day he hopes to work in higher education in human resources. Brandon is a head residence hall assistant and a sergeant with Tiffin's unique, student-run Night Watch campus safety program. He's also co-president of Black United Students. Brandon says one of the real distinctions of learning on campus at Tiffin is his interaction with faculty. "Our professors are honest with us, and that's very real. They don't cut corners or try to hide things about the field. And the fact that professors work in the field means they are teaching us what they practice. We get real-world application instead of just a whole bunch of theories in books."

Elaine Ocker came to Tiffin because it's one of the few private universities that offer a public relations major. A senior from Bellevue, Ohio, Elaine plans to become an event planner. While at Tiffin she had an internship with the Office of Publications and Media Relations where she wrote press releases, took photos, conducted research, and contributed to Tiffin's alumni magazine Challenge. Elaine transferred to Tiffin from a big state university, so she knows there are real differences between a large public school and Tiffin. "At bigger schools, you have to make an appointment a couple of weeks in advance to talk to a professor. Here, you can stay after class and talk to the professor for 20 minutes. And you can graduate from Tiffin with great faculty and staff recommendations."