Bachelor of Business Administration in Organizational Management concentration in Entrepreneurship

In Tiffin University’s BBA in Organizational Management Entrepreneurship program, our students will develop relevant skills to manage high-growth ventures. Students learn how to assess opportunities, size different markets, evaluate sales channels, develop R&D and operations plans, raise venture capital, manage legal issues, and build a team. They will practice financial and managerial accounting to understand the basics of financial statements, how to interpret these statements, and how to make wise decisions based on them.

Tiffin University’s online degree program is specifically designed to help students complete their degree without missing a single day of work. The online program offers a great deal of flexibility and convenience to students of all ages. You can complete the online program at your own pace. Our faculty brings real-world expertise into the classroom, so it is all relevant to your career success. Our students are working professionals, so you will make real connections. We do not make “ivory tower promises” – we deliver the goods for your real-world success!

Did you know?

  • The average college graduate with a bachelor’s degree in business makes about $2.6 million over the course of a career, roughly $200,000 more than the average for all workers with a bachelor’s degree, according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau.
  • The average mid-career salary for professionals who hold a business administration bachelor’s degree is approximately $71,000, according to, an online salary database.

Potential Career Opportunities in Organizational Management (Entrepreneurship):

  • Starting a New Business
  • Buying A Franchise
  • Venture Capitalist
  • Investment Banker
  • Manager, Entrepreneurial Firm
  • Research & Development Department
  • Intrapreneurial Manager
  • Consultant

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All Tiffin University students in the Bachelor of Business Administration (Entrepreneurship) program fulfill their academic requirements for graduation by completing courses in the following areas.

  • Knowledge Skills Core (16 credit hours)
  • General Education Core (33 credit hours)
  • Business Core (18 credit hours)
  • Organizational Management Major (18 credit hours)
  • Entrepreneurship Concentration (15 credit hours)
  • Open Electives or Optional Minor (21 credit hours)
  • Total Semester Hours for the Degree (121 credit hours)

Meet our School of Business Faculty

Online classes are all offered in seven (7) week terms starting in January, March, May, July, August, and October

  • Accreditations: The Higher Learning Commission