Bachelor of Criminal Justice in Homeland Security and Terrorism - Online

The Bachelor of Criminal Justice major in Homeland Security and Terrorism was designed in response to the real security threats posed by transnational terrorist organizations. Protecting the citizens of our nation is as real as it gets.  This major is designed to provide you with the opportunity to understand homeland security issues and challenges in context of the new and evolving contemporary operating environment. While terrorism is certainly a key emphasis, the major also gives you the opportunity to plan for and assess real world situations from a first responder’s viewpoint.

Career Opportunities:

  • Government Service
  • Foreign Service
  • Military Service
  • Homeland Security
  • Business
  • Legal Profession
  • Local, State, and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies
  • State and Federal Homeland Security Offices
  • Homeland Security Analysis in the Private and Public Sector
  • Immigration, Customs, and Border Patrol Agencies
  • State and Local Offices of Emergency Management