Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a concentration in Applied-Human Services

Tiffin University’s Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree program in Psychology is intended for students with an interest in the helping professions who wish to develop broad career flexibility and depth in the discipline of behavioral health. The Applied-Human Services concentration offers an applied psychological and interdisciplinary understanding of personal and social problems often encountered in contemporary society, and it is designed primarily for students who intend to pursue careers in psychological and social service related fields.  Through its combination of coursework, internship, and self-directed study, this program prepares students for immediate employment in a wide variety of helping professions, and serves as a foundation for admission to applied graduate study in the mental health and community service related fields.  This degree does not provide licensure.

Main Areas within the Discipline:

  • COR423 Case Management
  • COR430 Crisis Intervention
  • PSY360 Introduction to Counseling
  • SCS450 Human Services Capstone
  • SCS470 Internship I
  • SOC360 Multicultural Issues in Society

Select three of the following courses:

  • PSY369 Human Sexuality
  • SOC310 Sociology of the Family
  • FOR365 Drugs and Society
  • FOR485 Death and Dying
  • POL320 Public Administration

Career Opportunities:

  • Case Manager/Direct Care Provider for MRDD Agencies
  • Case Manager/Direct Care Provider for Mental Health Agencies
  • Case Manager/Direct Care Provider for Substance Abuse Agencies
  • Employee Assistance Professional
  • Partial Hospitalization/Day Treatment Worker for Mentally Ill Adults
  • Partial Hospitalization/Day Treatment Worker Emotionally Disabled Adolescents
  • Residential Manager of Group Homes
  • Case Worker for Children’s Services
  • Adult Protective Services Worker
  • Victim Assistance Agencies
  • Court and Community Treatment Liaison
  • Social Service Coordinator
  • Quality/Performance Improvement Manager
  • Resident Advisor in a Community Based Correctional Facility
  • Youth Advisor in Juvenile Offender Agency
  • Adult/Juvenile Probation Officer
  • Court Diversion Program Worker
  • Research Assistant
  • Admission to Various Behavioral Health Graduate Education Programs (Psychology, Counseling, and Social Work)