TUís Graduate Admission Requirements Reflect Motivated Students, Desiring Real Success

A Graduate Degree Earned, Not Awarded

Tiffin University believes that a graduate degree is earned, not awarded. Our graduation standards exceed those of many other institutions because the global workplace demands excellence. Our faculty comes directly from this global marketplace and brings real-world expertise to the classroom.  We believe that real results come from real connections and real resources.  Our students are highly motivated to achieve not only academic success, but success upon graduation and beyond.

Achieving Real Diversity

Recognizing the diversity of attributes necessary to fulfill the variety of roles in managerial enterprise, Tiffin University seeks a mix of skills, experience, background and goals in our student body.

A bachelor's degree from an accredited U.S. or international college or university, or its equivalent, is required for admission. Undergraduate academic performance is one indicator of an applicant's ability to undertake graduate-level work. Applicants may supplement their undergraduate record with official scores on the GMAT or GRE, but this is not an admission requirement.

What weíre looking for are students who have earned a 3.0 GPA or a 2.5 GPA with 5 years of added professional work experience. This professional work experience is an indicator of the applicant's potential to be a proactive participant in the program. At TU, our faculty is just one part of the educational equation.  We expect our students to be involved in their education and to bring their own expertise to share in the classroom.

Your Personal Statement:  Itís All Relevant

The Office of Graduate Admissions evaluates an applicantís statement of why he or she wishes to pursue graduate studies, and how a graduate degree from Tiffin University fits with his or her life and career. Such a personal statement is an indicator of the relevance and usefulness of the program for the applicant. 

International applicants must demonstrate proficiency in English and submit TOEFL scores along with the application material. A minimum score of 550 is required for admission.

Other Required Application Materials Include:

  • Completed application (www.tiffin.edu/apply).
  • Official transcripts from bachelor degree issuing college/university. Transcripts may be mailed to:

Tiffin University
Office of Graduate Admissions
155 Miami Street
Tiffin, OH 44883

  • Current Resume (Your resume may be emailed to grad@tiffin.edu or faxed to 419-443-5016.)

International applicants must also submit:

  • An official notice of TOEFL score.
  • A completed financial statement.

A Tiffin University education is as real as it gets!  We look forward to receiving your application.