College Credit Plus: Begin Your College Education While Still In High School!

Tiffin University offers high school students the opportunity to take college classes while still enrolled in high school through a state mandated program called College Credit Plus (CCP). If students qualify, they will be fully integrated into the classroom and/or online courses with current TU students. High school students' college education can begin today! Here is what students and/or parents need to know:

MOST IMPORTANTLY: HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS WHO WISH TO PARTICIPATE IN CCP MUST SUBMIT THE 2015-2016 TIFFIN UNIVERSITY COLLEGE CREDIT PLUS STUDENT APPLICATION ON OR BEFORE MAY 15th, 2015! For your convenience, the application is online, and the link is provided below. There will be no exceptions to the May 15th deadline. Even if a student wishes to take only spring 2016 TU courses, he or she must complete the online application for admission prior to May 15th.


  • A minimum unweighted, cumulative grade point average of 2.25 for all high school academic coursework
  • An ACT composite score of 16 or above or an SAT composite score of 800 or above


  • Submit a completed 2015-2016 Tiffin University College Credit Plus Student Application (Open link below)

2015-2016 Tiffin University College Credit Plus Student Application

  • Request current high school transcripts be sent to:

Tiffin University
Office of Undergraduate Admissions
155 Miami Street
Tiffin, OH 44883

  • Transcripts are available through the student's high school guidance counselor and must reach Tiffin University on or before May 15th, 2015. If student has already taken a standardized test, the student's score will be printed on the transcript
  • When a student registers for a standardized test, he or she should indicate that Tiffin University should receive the test score upon its availability
  • If a student took the April 18th ACT test, or is scheduled to take the test in June, please send proof of test registration (payment receipt, admission ticket, or confirmation email) via traditional mail to the above address or email to after the student completes the online application for admission. For academic year 2015-2016 only, TU will issue conditional admit status to students who meet the gpa requirement and took the April ACT test or are scheduled to take the test in June. Students with conditional admit status will be sent a letter informing them of their status, along with a Fall Course Selection Sheet. Please follow the instructions outlined below (under heading "You submitted your online application...Now what?!") and return it no later than June 1st. Conditionally admitted students will be registered along with admitted students if TU has not received their ACT score by registration time. If the conditionally admitted student does not score a composite 16 or better on the ACT, he or she will be immediately withdrawn from Fall TU courses. If the student scores 16 or better, he or she will be accepted into the CCP Program and receive an acceptance letter with further instructions.

Please note:

  • Students must be accepted into the CCP Program in order to participate in any 2015-2016 courses whether CCP at TU, CCP Online, or CCP at the High School.
  • A new application for admission into the CCP Program must be submitted each academic year.


Ways to Participate in Tiffin University’s CCP Program:

CCP at TU: Students attend classes on our beautiful campus and blend in with our diverse campus family. Courses held on campus during the fall and spring semesters are 1 hr. 15 minutes long, held twice weekly, for 15-weeks. Schedules can be found online on TU’s online portal, MyDragon, under the “Student Services” tab.  Click the drop down menu, choose “Schedules & Bulletins” then “Undergraduate Course Schedules” at the top of the screen. Students must meet any prerequisites and will need a TU username and password to access this information.

CCP Online: Students virtually participate in TU classes, asynchronously, online with other Tiffin University students, including traditional, college-age students, adult students, and other CCP students. All TU Online courses are 7-weeks. Students may not take more than 2 online courses per term. Students may choose courses from TU’s Academic Bulletin. Students may choose any course for which they meet the prerequisite.

CCP at the High School: Students remain in their high school and one of Tiffin University’s faculty or adjunct professors go to the high school to teach the TU course. Students take college courses without leaving their high school! CCP at the High School is available at select high schools and by pre-arrangement only. Students should ask their guidance counselor or contact TU's Director of Special Academic Programs if they are unsure if CCP at the High School is an option for them.


After we have received a student's online application, official transcript and test scores, he or she will be admitted to the CCP Program if all admission requirements are satisfied. Upon admission to TU's CCP Program, students will receive an acceptance letter with a Fall Course Selection Sheet. Students should indicate which courses they wish to take during the fall semester and return the selection sheet using the envelope provided. There is also a return email address if students prefer electronic communication over traditional mail. The Fall Course Selection Sheet must be returned to TU with the high school guidance counselor's signature by no later than June 1st, 2015. CCP students will be registered for courses by TU's Office of Registration and Records during the 2nd week of June. Courses are subject to availability, so students should always choose back-up courses in case the courses they select first are full or not offered due to various reasons.

Students who take courses during the Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 semesters only need to choose their Fall 2015 courses by June 1st. When the Spring 2016 semester schedule is available, a Spring Course Selection Sheet will be sent to students who indicated on their application that they wished to take spring courses, along with the schedule or instructions regarding how to access the schedule. The Spring Course Selection Sheet will need to be submitted to Tiffin University by December 1st, 2015 to indicate desired Spring 2016 courses. Remember, students do not have to fill out a new application for admission once they have applied for the 2015-2016 academic year.  Students will be registered for spring 2016 courses by TU's Office of Registration and Records during the 2nd week of December.  Courses are subject to availability, so students should always choose back-up courses in case the courses they select first are full or not offered due to various reasons.

Students who do not wish to take fall 2015 semester courses, but wish to take spring 2016 courses still need to submit the CCP online application by May 15th, 2015. These students will receive the Spring Course Selection Sheet as outlined above and must return it to TU with desired spring courses TU by December 1st, 2015. Here is what the course selection sheets that will be sent to students look like:



When choosing TU courses, students should consider the following: College Credit Plus participants may take a maximum 15 credit hours per semester. In addition, Tiffin University allows a maximum of two online courses per term (there are two 7-week terms in a semester: Term I and Term II) for any student, which totals 12 credits per semester.  Students participating in both seated and online courses in one semester cannot exceed these guidelines, including any TU credit hours taken at the student's high school.

Preview On Campus schedule: TU Campus Fall 2015 Schedule

Preview Online (tentative) schedule: TU Online Fall 2015 Schedule (Tentative)

(TU Campus Spring 2016 and TU Online Spring 2016 schedules are not available at this time. We will post when available.)


Students must notify their high school that they wish to participate in College Credit Plus no later than April 1st, 2015.  For more information about student enrollment and other questions, please visit the Ohio Board of Regents website at

FALL 2015 AND SPRING 2016 CCP participants - The 2015-2016 Tiffin University College Credit Plus Student Application deadline for both seated and online students for the 2015-2016 academic year is May 15th, 2015. Even if students only plan to take Spring 2016 courses, they must complete the online application by May 15thNew student applications for admission to the CCP Program will not be accepted after May 15th, 2015.

All FALL 2015 course selection sheets must be returned by June 1st, 2015.  SPRING 2016 course selection sheets are due no later than December 1st, 2015. Course selection sheets will not be accepted after these dates. All TU courses are subject to availability upon time of registration, so students should choose back-up courses in case their desired courses are not available.


If a student no longer wants to participate in the CCP Program before the TU course has ended, or must withdraw from a TU course for other reasons, he or she must email the Director of Special Academic Programs [] with a request to be withdrawn from the course. This must be done prior to the "last day to withdraw without a failing grade" dates established by Tiffin University's Office of Registration and Records.

Tiffin Campus Fall 2015 Semester: November 2

TU Online Fall 2015 Term I: September 24

TU Online Fall 2015 Term II: November 19

Tiffin Campus Spring 2016 Semester: March 22

TU Online Spring 2016 Term I: February 11

TU Online Spring 2016 Term II: April 7

Students' failure to request withdrawal from a TU course before the set deadline may result in a failing grade. The student's local school district may require the student to repay any fees incurred by the district for the failed course.

If the student withdraws from a TU course that was intended to fulfill a high school graduation requirement, it is the student's responsibility to meet with his or her high school guidance counselor to develop a new course schedule. While always willing to assist students, Tiffin University is not responsible for meeting students' high school graduation requirements.


Students must receive at least a 'C' as a final grade in a Tiffin University course in order for the credits to be eligible for transfer to another college. However, students must achieve a cumulative 2.25 GPA to be accepted into the CCP Program the following year, if applicable. For example, if a high school junior takes 2 TU courses each semester and earns a 'C' in all 4 courses, the 12 credit hours will transfer, but the student's cumulative GPA of 2.0 will not meet TU's admission standards for his or her senior year. (This example is extreme and assumes the student is not taking any other courses.)

For placement into ENG141, students must receive an 18 or better on the English section of the ACT test. CCP students may not register for foundational courses, so no other English courses are available for high school students who score below an 18. These students will have to retake the ACT and achieve an 18 or better.

For Math placement above the foundational level, students must score a 16 or above on the Math section of the ACT. Students who score a 26 and above on the Math section have other placement options at TU and should contact their guidance counselor and/or the Director of Special Academic Programs for more information.

What happens if I am conditionally admitted for the fall 2015 semester and don't score a 16 or above on the ACT?

Don't worry and try again! If you filled out the 2015-2016 Tiffin University College Credit Plus Student Application by May 15th, sign up to take the test again in the fall (Remember to have your results sent to TU). When you pass it on the second try (and we think you will!), and you still meet the GPA requirement, you can register to take spring 2016 courses.


Still have questions? Direct them to:

Megan Borich, Director of Special Academic Programs
155 Miami St.
Tiffin, OH 44883
Toll free: (800) 968-6446 ext. 3018
Direct: (419) 448-3018