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Tiffin University has worked to develop partnerships with a variety of other colleges and universities and criminal justice agencies.  In turn, these partnerships provide you with opportunities for participation in innovative programs that put your career on the cutting edge of today’s criminal justice field.

At TU, we’re making your education relevant to what’s happening right now in the world, as well as looking to future career possibilities!  Listed below are our partners and the types of collaborations we’ve created.

Our Partners:

Online and Off-Campus Program Partnerships

Columbus State Community College

Columbus State Community College (CSCC) and Tiffin University recognize the need and importance of facilitating the transfer of students from one institution to the other as they pursue their educational goals and therefore, developed our partnership in Fall of 2003.  The collaborative effort affords CSCC students the opportunity to complete a bachelor’s degree on CSCC campus.  TU offers the degree completion program leading to a Bachelor of Criminal Justice (BCJ) on CSCC’s campus.

Cuyahoga Community College

Eastern Campus

Metropolitan campus

Cuyahoga Community College and Tiffin University entered into a partnership agreement in Fall of 1999.  This enabled Cuyahoga Community College and Tiffin University to offer the Online and Off-Campus Programs on all three of Cuyahoga Community College’s campuses.  Students may earn a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) on Cuyahoga’s Metropolitan or Eastern campus.  Students may earn a Bachelor of Criminal Justice (BCJ) on the Western campus.

Tiffin University understands the importance for adult learners to have an opportunity to complete their degree.  TU makes this possible by offering degree completion programs completely online, at TU’s academic centers, or on the community college campus with one of our partners.  The programs are designed to help adult students balance home, work and school into their busy lifestyles. Students take one class at a time, and attend class one night per week. Each class is accelerated, with each class lasting about five weeks.  If you are an adult student with approximately two years of prior credit, the Online and Off-Campus Program might be just right for you.

Terra Community College

Terra Community College and Tiffin University entered into partnership that began in September of 2000.  Terra and TU agreed to offer the Online and Off-Campus Programs beginning Fall of 2007. TU offers Online and Off-Campus Program leading to a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and a Bachelor of Criminal Justice (BCJ) on the campus of Terra Community College.

Partners On The TU Campus & From Around The World

Beijing Normal University

Beijing Normal University - School of Economics and Tiffin University agreed to collaborate on Beijing Normal University’s Bachelor of Business Administration program.  Tiffin University admits third- and fourth-year Beijing students to undertake one or two semesters of study at TU’s Tiffin campus. 

The program participants are required to enroll in at least four courses, and no more than five courses, at Tiffin University within the designated semester.  Beijing Normal University will select the appropriate courses to meet their curriculum requirements from the proposed semester-in-attendance list of offerings.

The University of Bucharest

Tiffin University has offered a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program at the facilities of the University of Bucharest (UB) since 2002.   This cooperation has been fruitful for both parties in many ways, allowing Tiffin University faculty the opportunity to teach in Romania, and UB personnel to be involved in the American MBA experience.

Heidelberg University 

Heidelberg University and Tiffin University have partnered in the area of Forensic Science.

The courses included are:
Forensic Anthropology (ANT)
Biology  (BIO)
Chemistry (CHM)
Intervention Specialist Licensure (EIS)
Non-Departmental and Integrated Studies (NDI)

Lourdes University

Tiffin University partners with Lourdes University in the areas of Adolescent, Young Adult Education, and Middle Childhood Education.  All classes are held at Tiffin University, with the degree in the major area of study given by TU, and the licensure given by Lourdes University.

Partnerships In Criminal Justice

Fraternal Order of Police University (FOPU)

The formation of the Fraternal Order of Police University (FOPU) is a consortium of colleges and universities, whose mission is to provide members of the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) with accessible, multi-varied learning programs that will enhance personal and professional growth, promote a lifelong commitment to learning, and enable FOP members to better serve their communities.

New students enrolled in Tiffin University's Online and Off-Campus Programs and Tiffin University's Graduate programs who are members of the Fraternal Order of Police will receive a Fraternal Order of Police Scholarship.

The FOP University consortium offers members of the Fraternal Order of Police advantages in accessibility to multi-varied learning programs in traditional and non- traditional forums. FOP members will be able to receive special consideration for tuition and scholarships, receive college credit for training and experience, and are able to take courses that will accommodate the unique scheduling needs of a working law enforcement officer.

College-educated police officers will have better communication skills, write better reports, perform more effectively, have better leadership skills, show more initiative in performing police tasks, be more professional, receive fewer citizen complaints and less litigation, use discretion more wisely, have better critical decision making skills, show more sensitivity to racial and ethnic groups, have fewer disciplinary problems, and will be more likely ready for promotion. 

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