Organizational Management Program

Term One

*PSY301 Adult Development and Life Assessment (3 hours)
Course closely examines the nature of transitions in adult life and explores the skills needed to successfully navigate those transitions by “mastering the art of self-renewal”. Through a process of self-discover, adult learners come to a new understanding of themselves and others.
Offered as part of the Professional Studies Degree Completion only.

ENG365 Issues in Literature (w) (3 hours)
This course is conducted as a forum wherein students read, analyze, and discuss different works of fiction and poetry. Special attention is given to those literary works that focus on the challenges of being responsible adults. Students will be asked to make personal connections with the material, using their own lives and work experiences as a means to focus on literary technique in the established literary canon. They will be challenged to make the transition from superficial reading of a text to a deeper interpretation and appreciation for literary theories and concepts. This is a writing intensive course.
Prerequisite: Six hours of writing or composition

COM441 Organizational Communication (3 hours)
An advanced course designed to examine interpersonal relationships and patterns of managerial communication within the organizational structure. Focus is on organizational channels of communication, an examination of problems encountered in various leadership styles, coping with complementary relationships in the organization, and effective use of intervention.
Prerequisite: COM 130

*MGT361 Managerial Research Design and Analysis (3 hours)
This course is an introduction to research and its tools for the adult learner as both a consumer and producer of statistics and research. Specific emphasis is placed upon helping the student complete the Action Research Project and understand managerial decision-making.
Offered as part of the Organizational Management major only.
Prerequisite: MAT174

*MGT301 Organizational Behavior (3 hours)
A study of the interface between the individual, the formal and the informal groups in organizational settings. Focus will be on individual growth, developing interpersonal skills, and understanding group dynamics.
Prerequisite: MGT201

Term Two

*ACC305 Accounting for Decision-Making (3 hours)
The course will build on the fundamentals covered in earlier, introductory accounting courses. Students will develop relevant accounting related skills and integrate accounting knowledge with broader management issues. External, financial accounting topics will be explored by moving through the sequence of balance sheet accounts
and the related revenue and expense accounts. Cost accounting issues will be addressed. The course will explore the relationship of these two accounting environments and integrate the two fields
Offered as part of the Organizational Management major only.
Prerequisite: ACC201

FIN301 Business Finance (3 hours)
This course shall focus attention on the tools and concepts for financial decision making in five broad areas: financial management, valuation of financial assets, capital budgeting, capital structure, and working capital management. The study includes the time value of money, capital budgeting, sources of long-term capital and short-term financial management. Other topics will address financial ration analysis, organization of financial markets, and international (global) finance.
Prerequisites: ACC201
*MKT355 Marketing Management (w) (3 hours)
This course will cover marketing theory and terminology. Students will be given the opportunity to apply these principles and concepts to real world, domestic and international situations. This exploration provides students with an appreciation of the role of marketing in organizational strategic planning; an awareness of how customer
behavior and decision data are collected and analyzed in the marketing planning process; and the confidence to participate with other organizational members to “connect with customers” in a variety of effective and meaningful ways.
Offered as part of the Organizational Management major only.
*MGT321 Operations Management (3 hours)
This course deals with the managerial functions directly related to the production and delivery of goods and services. Topics covered include manufacturing and service organizations, facility location and layout, MRP, forecasting, scheduling, quality assurance and project management.
Offered as part of the Organizational Management major only.
*MGT468 Action Research Project (w) (6 hours)
This is a major research effort designed to enhance the student’s knowledge in a field related to work or community to develop research skills that managers need for effective decision-making. This is a writing intensive course.
Prerequisite: 6 hours of writing or composition.  Offered as part of the Organizational Management major only

CIT312 Information Systems for Managers (w) (3 hours)
Introduces the foundations of information systems and their expanding role in the business environment. The technology of information systems will be discussed as it relates to supporting the day-to-day operations of an organization, with a strong emphasis on the use of it in managerial decision-making.
Prerequisite: CIT 105, MGT201
Term Three
MGT404 Organization Theory (3 hours)
An overview of organizations drawing upon the concepts of social and cultural anthropology, political science, strategic management, and organizational behavior. Topics covered will include organizational types, structure and design, culture, power and conflict, and environmental relationships.
Prerequisite: MGT301 and six hours of writing or composition.
MGT411 International Business (3 hours)
This course focuses on business across national boundaries. Topics covered include functional areas of management in MNES, impact of policy, society, economy, and geography on the international business environment and global strategic management.
Prerequisite: MGT301
*LAW302 Business Law for Managers (3 hours)
This course studies the history, background, sources and influences of our modern day law as it pertains to the business activities of individuals, corporations and other legal entities, with particular emphasis upon business litigation, legal liabilities, and the laws governing contracts, creditors’ rights, secured transactions, bankruptcy, agency, partnerships, and corporations.
Offered as part of the Organizational Management major only.
MGT317 Human Resources Management (3 hours)
A study of the human resource function in business. Major areas of study will include staffing, recruitment, training and development, wage and salary administration, job analysis and evaluation, and labor relations.
Prerequisite: MGT301
Term Four
MGT468 Action Research Project (6 hours)
See Term 2 for description.
ARP Presentations
MGT495 Organizational Strategy (w) (3 hours)
An advanced course designed to integrate the functional concepts and techniques from the foundation courses in the curriculum. It provides the student with a thorough appreciation of the role of the general manager, with emphasis on strategy formulation and implementation. This is a writing intensive course.
Prerequisite: 96 or more credits completed, including six hours of writing or composition.
PHI306 Business Ethics (3 hours)
Several major ethical theories are reviewed. Adult learners are asked to examine personal values through readings and workplace analyses to formulate a management philosophy incorporating business ethics, government accountability, human rights, and a responsible lifestyle in the contemporary world.
Prerequisite: Six hours of writing or composition
* Major Course

FAST TRACK Accelerated Degree Completion Program majors fulfill their academic requirements for graduation by completing courses in the following areas.

  • Students will transfer 66 semester hours
  • One semester hour is waived for freshman studies
  • Students will complete 54 semester hours in the FAST TRACK Accelerated Degree Completion Program
  • Total Semester hours for the Degree 121 hours