Especially For Tiffin University Parents: We Provide Real Resources For Student Success!

Parents: Itís not just about your students, itís also about YOU & TU!

Dear Tiffin University Parents:

Welcome to the Tiffin University family! Your student is embarking on a wonderful journey into adulthood Ė a journey that we hope will translate into eventual real-world success. The experiences that students have while at Tiffin will mold who they will become in the future. With your support, we will work to make their campus experience the best that it can be.

Tiffin is committed to providing online resources that will be of assistance to you and your family. Your son or daughter will be entering more than a school this fall Ė he or she will be entering a community of caring faculty, staff and fellow students. Tiffin University will become your sonís or daughterís home away from home. As parents, you play an extremely important role in your studentsí transition to their new home and their success in college.

For our part, we will offer you the tools you need to help support your son or daughter. We have the resources available that translate to success. We are your link to the University and we welcome your feedback. Weíre pleased that you and your son or daughter chose TU. And we look forward to seeing all of you on campus during the school year!

Annette Staunton

Chief Retention Officer

  • The TU experience is for parents too! Tiffin University is committed to keeping you fully involved with Tiffin news and happenings throughout the year. We believe that a strong partnership and communication with families is an effective way of supporting the intellectual, social, and personal growth of TU students. Parents and families of TU students are important members of our university community. We welcome your input and look forward to meeting you! We want you to know that itís not just about your students, itís also about YOU & TU!