Music at Tiffin University

An Education for Real Life!

All singers, instrumentalists, beatmakers, marching band auxiliary, and those interested in visual art, concert production and audio engineering can participate in our programs and receive a scholarship. All students are eligible to participate and receive a scholarship – regardless of major.

If you are interested in pursuing a commercial performance degree in music, Tiffin University offers a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Music. The degree is designed to provide students with a modern musical skill set—real-world and marketable skills that are generally not taught in traditional university music degrees.

Students majoring in Arts Administration can choose Visual Arts or Music Industry concentrations, and can participate in the TU Art Team or TU Audio Engineering and Concert Production Teams. The Arts Administration curriculum offers a blend of business, marketing, music, and art courses, and provides majors with broad interdisciplinary skills.

But regardless of your major – there’s a place for you in the Music Department!


  1. Apply to Tiffin University.  Only students who are accepted to the university can participate.
  2. Register online with the Music Department at