Psychology Internships

The faculty of the School of Criminal Justice and Social Sciences (SCJSS) believe that providing students both quality classroom instruction and a chance to put the classroom theory into practice is the hallmark of “Professional University.”

In other words, while preparation in the academic arena is essential for professional development, the SCJSS faculty believe that the opportunity to experience first-hand the application of what has been learned in the classroom is imperative. Therefore prior to graduation each student, with guidance from his or her advisor, has the opportunity to arrange for and complete an internship in his or her selected career area.

Depending on your academic major, internships can range from working with social service agencies, state or local law enforcement organizations, or even spending an entire semester in Washington D.C. working with federal government agencies like the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Justice Department, the Department of Health and Human Services, the State Department, or the Central Intelligence Agency. A well-managed internship, with quality outcomes, is the link between college and a career.  At TU, we make it both real and relevant!