Tiffin University’s Residence Life: “This Is As Real As It Gets!”

TU Provides You With A Real Community

At Tiffin University, we believe in the development of independent decision-making skills. This process is an important part of the family-style approach of small group living, as well as promoting a living-learning environment.  The hallmark of Tiffin University’s on-campus living is “community.”

Tiffin University provides you with an excellent opportunity for interaction with other students. This interaction with others leads to greater maturity, a development of self-identity, realization of strengths and weaknesses, and a broadening of one's perspectives. When you live together in a community you will find that there are many opportunities to learn from each other. You will find that it is easier to share talents, experiences and skills through on-campus living.

The Role of the Resident Assistant

Each house and hall floor is under the supervision of a Resident Assistant (RA) who functions as a student administrator for the residents. He or she is responsible for helping to maintain an atmosphere conducive to learning. Throughout the year, the RA’s will plan or assist in the planning of educational, cultural, and recreational activities that are designed to build positive communities throughout the greater campus community. Additionally, the RA provides a great variety of services from mediating roommate conflicts to initiating needed maintenance or repairs.

An RA is on duty each evening to provide assistance to our residents.

What You Can Expect from TU’s Residence Life:

All Residence Halls are equipped with:

  • a bed with mattress (XL twin)
  • dresser
  • desk and chair
  • closet space for each student
  • Campus Safe (most residence hall spaces)

Please Note: Provided furniture is marked and must stay in the assigned rooms or lost equipment charges will be billed to your account. Also, handmade lofts are NOT permitted on campus. The furniture in most halls is designed to be lofted or bunked. Maintenance will loft the furniture when a work order is completed by a Residence Life staff member.

The following are also important qualities of living on campus:

  • Access to laundry equipment is available. No quarters needed
  • Each hall floor or house has a lounge equipped with a television and microwave
  • Cable is available in all the residence halls, houses, and apartments
  • Wireless internet access is available in all residential spaces

Who Is Required To Live On Campus?

Tiffin University requires ALL traditional age full-time students to live on campus and participate in the food service program during their first, second, and third years of attendance.  The only exception to this policy is if you live within a 45-mile commuting distance and are living with a parent or guardian as stated on official documents.

First, second, and third-year students who plan to live with older siblings or other family members or friends are not considered to be commuters and must apply for permission from the Off Campus Housing Committee. Applications are available in the Student Affairs Office.

There will be automatic billing from Housing Operations for the second and third year. At this time, you are offered the opportunity to select rooms, roommates, and locations for the upcoming academic year.

Residence Hall Regulations and Responsibilities

Living on campus provides you with an opportunity for educational growth that supplements and complements your formal education. The staff encourages an atmosphere of freedom for growth in which you assume an ever-increasing degree of responsibility.

Occupancy of a room is restricted to properly assigned residents and only for the period for which housing has been paid. As a resident, you may not sublet assigned space to other persons and may not transfer to another space without advance approval from the Residence Life Staff and clearance from the Director of Housing Operations. All rooms will be inspected by a member of the Residence Life staff upon moving out of a room. A two-week waiting period at the beginning of each semester has been established before room and roommate changes are permitted.

The following are NOT permitted in the Residence Halls/Houses:

  • Pets of any kind except fish. One ten gallon tank per room only.
  • Microwaves, air conditioners, open-coil hotplates, toasters, candles, anything with an open heating element (e.g., George Foreman Grills), halogen or torchiere lamps.
  • Dartboards, knives, firearms, fireworks, or weapons of any kind.
  • Tacks, screws, or nails in walls. Please use wall putty.
  • Bottles or food on windowsills or hung from windows.
  • Clothing, signs, etc. displayed or hung from windows without permission.
  • Painting of individual rooms.
  • Loosening, damaging or removing screens from windows.
  • Exterior antennas.
  • Throwing or dropping litter or other objects from windows.
  • Storing or keeping bicycles in hallways, stairways, or lounge areas.
  • Waterbeds.
  • Smoking.
  • Live Christmas trees.

As a resident, you are responsible for the proper care of your room and its equipment. You are responsible for keeping the room in good order at all times. The rooms are subject to inspection by members of the staff, and charges will be made for littered or dirty rooms, soiled or defaced surfaces and furniture, and for missing or damaged equipment. Damage to public areas may be charged on a group basis. The University reserves the right of entry into any room for purposes of inspection, cleaning or repair.

Have Questions Or Need More Information?

If you have any questions or concerns, or need more information, please do not hesitate to contact the Student Affairs Office at (800) 968-6446, ext. 3264. Or, contact:

  • Mike Herdlick, Dean of Students at ext. 3582 or HerdlickM@tiffin.edu
  • Jacob Simon, Director of Residence Life at ext 3421
  • Noah Fox, Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Housing Operations at ext. 3392
  • Residence Life Office, ResLife@tiffin.edu
  • Housing Operations Office, Housing@tiffin.edu

We are here to help you!