TUs Theme Housing: Enhancing The Residential & Academic Experiences

A Real Community: Our Theme Housing

We continue to evolve our residential life system at Tiffin University, listening to the desires and needs of our students. A newer initiative that began in Fall 2007 provides students with the option of living in a house dedicated to a theme of their choosing.  These themed living options provide like-minded students with living and learning spaces to enhance their residential and academic experiences. As such, these are housing options developed by students for students.  At TU, were all about developing a real community!


Location: Miller Hall, 228 W. Perry Street

The F. J. Miller Society focuses on assisting students in developing and practicing leadership skills and styles, as well as exploring service opportunities both on campus and in the surrounding community. This residence option provides a safe and inclusive environment that allows students to experiment with leadership styles. The living arrangement promotes opportunities for you to make real connections with faculty, staff, students, in courses with leadership components and the local community. Students do not have to live in Miller Hall to be an involved in the F. J. Miller Society.


Location: 193 Jackson Street

Living abroad can be an incredibly exciting adventure for students who choose this option as part of their academic curriculum.  However, there are times when you may feel a bit isolated and homesick. Offering this option to students who are from abroad, as well as American students who want to learn about other cultures, brings a positive and concentrated blend of international diversity to our residential system. Living in this house means that you will have the opportunity to cook together and learn about the food and customs of other countries, while promoting global unity and cultural awareness throughout campus.



Location: 246 Clay Street


Location: 130 South Sandusky Street


Location: 128 Franklin Street

Need more information?  Have additional questions? Contact the Residence Life Office at (800) 968-6446, ext 3392.