Parking Policy

Students are permitted to operate and park licensed motor vehicles on the Tiffin University campus.  All operators of motor vehicles are required to register their vehicle license plate numbers and must pick up a parking registration tag from the Student Affairs Office during the first two weeks of classes for a fee of $25 per academic year.  Parking registration tags must be placed in front of the rear view mirror.  The parking registration tag will allow the University to make sure that only students, staff and faculty are parking on campus. This will help the University to identify illegally parked cars.  Students are encouraged to park in the Tiffin University lots or on the side streets adjacent to the campus.  They may not park on the lawns of University property.  Cars parked on lawns will be towed without notice.  Motor vehicles may not block driveways, garages, other cars, or in any way violate city parking regulations.  There are no reserved spaces on campus and parking is on a first come, first serve basis.  Parking in restricted areas, such as No Parking zones, handicapped or fire lanes, etc. will result with parking ticket and or immediate towing.  This policy will be strictly enforced.