Murphy Academic Support Center Links

Links to Academic Tutorials

The Internet can link you to many sites that can help with various academic concerns.  Here are some that you might want to view on your own:

Study Skills

  1. A good site is "" Once you've found it try the "Resources" link.  You'll find some great Study Skills help under the heading of "Taking In."  A little below "Taking In" is the "How to Study..." section that lists many different subjects.

  2. Indiana University has provided a link that has a wonderful list of video workshops on Motivation, Taking Notes in Class, Taking Tests, and Time Management. Here is the link:

  3. Bags In Bulk provides essential study tips for successful college students -


  1. Glendale Community College offers a set of links that may assist your writing project:


  1. The University of Cincinnati has some short videos on Algebra:

  2. Here are some specific sites that Dr. Ingalls recommends for help with MAT273 Applied Statistics

  3. Here is a link to multiple math videos from Rutgers University: