Murphy Academic Support Center Math Tutoring

Tiffin's Murphy Academic Support Center offers regular help for all of the Math classes, from Foundations through Statistics.  Math tutors are TU students who have been recommended by their Math instructors.  The common goal of all the tutors is to help you become a more confident, independent learner.  You can expect to be actively involved in your tutoring sessions.  Tutors are not here to do your homework for you; they are here to help you learn how to identify and address certain difficulties you may be having in your Math classes.

Please check the Center's schedule to see when a tutor will be available for a specific Math class.  During those times students registered in any of the sections of that class may come to the Center and ask questions.  This is a drop-in format, so you may be working with a group of students with similar questions.  The tutor will help you stay on track, but often students can help each other with many of the questions and problems the course poses.

Before You Arrive

Before you come to the tutoring session, try to do your homework on your own. Tutors will discuss problems similar to the ones with which you are having trouble, but they cannot help you with all of your homework problems. For example, if your teacher has assigned odd numbered problems, a tutor will discuss even numbered problems, so that you learn how to apply those concepts to your homework.

Please do not ask tutors to explain entire chapters to you. It is your responsibility as a student to go to class and attend your teacherís office hours.

To see when tutors are available for your class just click here.

Power Hours

The Murphy Academic Support Center provides peer assisted study sessions for accounting, CIS 111, Math 100, Math 173, Math 174, Math 181, and Math 273. This is a type of tutor-led group sessions for these classes. The chart below provides the time and place for these sessions.

Course Day Time Location Facilitator
Economics Monday/Wednesday 6-8 pm Murphy Center Room 015 Derek Beckman
Accounting Wednesday 4-6 pm Murphy Center 109 Nathan Hyburg

If you have any questions about the Power Hour schedule, please call 419-448-3324 or e-mail


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