Murphy Academic Support Center Tutoring

Tiffin's Murphy Academic Support Center offers regular help for most of the classes offered at TU.  Tutors are TU students who have been recommended by their instructors.  The common goal of all the tutors is to help you become a more confident, independent learner.  You can expect to be actively involved in your tutoring sessions.  Tutors are not here to do your homework for you; they are here to help you learn how to identify and address certain difficulties you may be having in your classes.

Writing Assistance

The Murphy Academic Support Center provides peer tutoring to currently enrolled students who need help with writing related to class assignments.

The purpose of this assistance is to help students with writing issues such as organization, source evaluation, documentation and mechanics. The goal of this service is to empower students to become more independent and confident writers. Tutors are trained to help the student understand the assignment and identify areas in the writing process that are giving them problems.  Specifically, tutors demonstrate corrections, recommend strategies for various stages of the writing process, and offer thoughtful feedback. Tutors will not point out and correct every error within an essay; learning how to effectively edit and proofread is part of the studentsí academic responsibility and learning process. Tutors and staff will also direct students to writing resources such as handouts and online sites.

Editing and proofreading services are not provided.

Tutoring appointments will NOT be assigned within 4 hours of the time the paper is due.

Scheduling an Appointment

The Murphy Academic Support Center offers writing tutoring by appointment.  Drop-in tutoring is also available on a first-come, first-served basis for specific English classes.  A normal session is limited to 1 hour.  The student is expected to provide the ASSIGNMENT SHEET that explains the professor's expectations.

To see when tutors are available just click here.

If you would like to make an appointment you have several options:

  • Come by the Murphy Center and sign up at the desk
  • Call the Center at 419 448-3324
  • Email the desk at The center will send you a reply email confirming your appointment.

The Appointment

  1. The tutor begins by going over the assignment with the student to ensure her/his understanding.
  2. Next the tutor works with the student to identify the kinds of problems she/he is having.
  3. The tutor will scan the paper with the student to locate problems the student has identified.  Students should proofread their papers BEFORE coming to the appointment.  The more specific a student can be about problems, the more quickly and specifically the tutor can assist them with strategies for correction.
  4. The tutor will prepare an information sheet that summarizes the main issues addressed in the appointment.  The student will receive a copy of that sheet to assist their work.  A copy will also be sent to the student's professor, letting the professor know about the student's progress.  A copy will also be retained in the center for future reference.

Cancellation and "No Show" Policy

If students need to cancel an appointment, we ask that they give us the courtesy of calling the Center to let us know. This allows the time to be made available for another student. We reserve the right to temporarily discontinue appointment services to students who continually miss appointments without notifying us or don't observe tutoring policies. If we have to cancel your appointment because of tutor illness or emergency, we will do our best to reschedule an appointment with another tutor and to notify the student of the change in advance.

Please check the Center's schedule to see when a tutor will be available for a specific class.  You can do this by stopping by the Murphy Center or by calling 419-448-3324.

Before You Arrive

Before you come to the tutoring session, try to do your homework on your own. Tutors will discuss problems similar to the ones with which you are having trouble, but they cannot help you with all of your homework problems. For example, if your teacher has assigned odd numbered problems, a tutor will discuss even numbered problems, so that you learn how to apply those concepts to your homework.

Please do not ask tutors to explain entire chapters to you. It is your responsibility as a student to go to class and attend your teacherís office hours.

To see when tutors are available just click here.


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