Student Success Stories

Each student who comes to Tiffin University makes different connections and walks away with exciting new insights. Here is a look at a few student success experiences.

Sara Durkee: Study Abroad

One of the reasons I chose Tiffin University was to gain some new experiences outside my home state of Michigan. I had never lived outside of West Michigan, so I saw going to school in Tiffin as a great way to meet new people away from home. I don’t think I ever realized how far from home the different opportunities offered by Tiffin would take me.

First, as a member of the women’s Golf Team, I got to play with girls from many different teams and different backgrounds. I loved traveling around Ohio to play in many tournaments in the area. My freshman year, the team won the NAIA conference and we were lucky enough to fly to San Diego, California to compete in the national championship. It was so much fun to go to California with my team, play golf at such a high level, and enjoy the warmer weather and the ocean.

Our sports teams have since moved to NCAA Division II to play in the Great Lakes Athletic Conference. We now get to compete all over the region with tournaments in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Playing for TU showed me just how much I love to travel.

I decided that I wanted to do even more traveling, so when I heard about Tiffin’s Study Abroad program, I knew I had to take advantage of it. Through affiliate programs that TU has set up, I got to choose from England, Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Thailand. Geneva, Switzerland was an easy choice for me due to its central location in Europe from which I could take the train or just a short flight to many famous locations.

In the fall, I spent four months living in Switzerland and studying International Business through an arrangement with Webster University Geneva. It was an absolutely amazing experience to live thousands of miles from home, speak a different language, and discover a whole new culture. I learned a lot about myself, including that I love public transportation, croissants, Swiss chocolate, and ancient architecture. In addition, I spent the weekends traveling to some of the world’s most beautiful cities including Torino, Nice, Monaco, Paris, Rome, the Vatican, Venice, and Barcelona. There is no way I could have seen so many sights without living in Europe for four months. I have changed so much due to this experience and am so glad that TU helped me to do it.

When I first moved to Ohio, I thought I was experiencing culture shock when my new roommate called a ‘vacuum’ a ‘sweeper.’ I’ve seen a lot since then and have gained a whole different perspective on where I am from. Tiffin has offered me the close-knit atmosphere of a small school as well as national and world-wide experiences. I am so grateful to TU for all I have been able to learn inside the classroom and out in the past three years.

Wynter Toland: An Internship Made It Real

Wynter Toland visited five college campuses before she chose to pursue her undergraduate degree at Tiffin. So what helped her decide? She wanted a campus that had one of the best undergraduate programs in forensic psychology (her major with a minor in corrections). She also wanted a place where she could play Division II tennis within a close, friendly atmosphere.

A native of Columbus, Ohio, Wynter says she has been impressed from day one with the caliber of faculty in the forensic psychology department and the connections she has made in the industry. "For me, it was my internship that was the most life changing. I did my internship at Farmers Insurance Group in Chicago, Illinois, and I was able to help with insurance fraud investigations. So it was a bit different than what most people who are pursuing my degree get exposed to. I realized that I liked all aspects of being out in the business world, and I wouldn't have known that if I hadn't had this internship."

Back on campus, Wynter is president of Gamma Chi Alpha sorority, a Head Resident on the residence life staff, and secretary for Epitome, a group dedicated to minority females. She plans to pursue her Master of Business Administration at Tiffin.

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