Bachelor of Criminal Justice in Homeland Security & Terrorism (BCJ)

Protecting Our Country: This Is As Real As It Gets

The Bachelor of Criminal Justice (BCJ) in Homeland Security & Terrorism major was developed direct response to the real security threats posed by transnational terrorist organizations.  Protecting the citizens of our nation is as real as it gets.

This major is designed to provide you with the opportunity to understand homeland security issues and challenges in context of the new and evolving contemporary operating environment.  While terrorism is certainly a key emphasis, the major also gives you the opportunity to plan for and assess real world situations from a first responder’s viewpoint.

A Strong Need For Homeland Security Experts

The need for college graduates with a grasp of the complexities associated with homeland security and terrorism is clear.  This innovative major affords you the chance to hone your professional interests while acquiring traditional skill sets needed to succeed in the 21st century.

Opportunities For Students On Campus

TU students have formed a Global Affairs Organization (GAO) to promote interest on campus in national and homeland security issues. The GAO has arranged field trips, created a 9/11 commemoration, hosted an electronic SWAT training, and takes the student lead in the visits to campus of such national figures as then-CIA Director Porter Goss, former National Counterterrorism Center Chief John Brennan, FBI National Security Chief Willie Hulon, and recruiters and other visitors from Washington and elsewhere.

What You Can Expect From Your TU Homeland Security & Terrorism Degree:

  1. Graduates will be able to devise problem-solving strategies, using state, local, and national instruments of power, for foreign, domestic, and natural threats to homeland security.
  2. Graduates will apply accepted principles of homeland security by constructing an appropriate security and response plan.
  3. Graduates will be able to devise problem-solving strategies, using the instruments of national power, for foreign threats to our national security within the U.S. and abroad.
  4. Graduates will develop critical thinking and analytical skills as they apply to research and practical application of criminal justice concepts.
  5. Graduates will identify, assess, and prioritize threats, risks, and vulnerabilities.
  6. Graduates will identify and coordinate resources to combat threats, minimize risks, and reduce vulnerabilities.
  7. Graduates will be able to communicate within government levels, across government levels, and to all sectors.
  8. Graduates will understand principles of managing people, financial obligations, and projects.
  9. Graduates will understand and work within the environment of social, economical, legal, ethical, technological, and political interdependencies of homeland security.
  10. Graduates will understand public, private, and non-profit institutional roles and responsibilities of homeland security.
  11. Graduates will work effectively within and understand dilemmas of collaborative networks.


Your Homeland Security & Terrorism Curriculum

Criminal Justice Core

Course Number Course Title Credit Hour
JUS110 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3
JUS201 Criminal Law 3
JUS202 Criminal Procedures 3
JUS361 Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice 3
ENF293 Criminology 3
SCS300 Research Design (w) 3
SCS470 Internship I 3

 Homeland Security & Terrorism Curriculum

Course Number Course Title Credit Hour
ENF154 Homeland Security Overview 3
ENF212 Concepts of Terrorism 3
ENF240 Critical Infrastructure Protection 3
ENF245 Emergency Organizations and Management 3
ENF390 Special Topics 3
JUS215 Homeland Security and the Legal System 3
POL151 Introduction to National Security Studies 3
POL341 Covert Action & Intelligence
POL491 Capstone in Homeland and National Security Studies (w) 3
PSY344 Psychology of Terrorism 3


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