Undergraduate Admissions Requirements

Your First Steps Toward Admission

Tiffin University treats each prospective student as an individual.  From the time you make your first contact with TU, through the application process, you will always be a “person,” never a “number.” 

Here are the basic requirements for admission:

  • You should have earned a diploma from an accredited high school in a college preparatory course of study, or have a GED certificate.
  • We will also consider the following in granting admission – class rank, strength of curriculum, performance in curriculum, GPA, and your ACT or SAT scores.
  • We recommend that you have completed four units of English, three units of Math, three units of Science, and three units of Social Studies.

You Can Expect Personalized Attention

When Tiffin University receives your application, we will review it in detail and make a decision on admission immediately.  Our goal is to provide each prospective student with personalized attention.  As we review your application, we may ask for more information, which could include letters of recommendation, an essay, or a personal interview.