Junior Varsity General Pool Play Information

There will be 4 pool play sessions run Thursday evening (5-9pm), Friday morning (8am-12pm), Friday afternoon (3-7pm), and Saturday morning (8am-12pm).  All pool play matches consist of two-25 point games with no cap. Games will start at 4-4 for time consideration. Coaches will receive 2 timeouts per game. 4 team pool schedules will follow typical OVR format. At the conclusion of each pool play session, teams will be RESEEDED and REPOOLED based on that pool play session (found on varsity and junior varsity webpages). Teams may or may not change courts (heretofore referred to as POOL or POOLS) or locations at the conclusion of each pool play session; it is the coach’s and team’s responsibility to determine their next pool and location. Information is enclosed here and will be found at each site.


 Pool Play 1

Pool Play 2

Pool Play 3

Pool Play 4 


Congratulations to our champions!

Gold Bracket - 

Bronze Bracket - 




General Playoff Description 2pm start time on Saturday

All playoff matches will consist of a best of 3 match, no cap. First two games will be to 25 and start at 4-4 (for time consideration). Third game will be to 15 and WILL START AT 0-0.

Pool Play Re-seeding Description - Junior Varsity

(This applies to 11 team junior varsity camp)

7 pools will be established - AA, BB, CC

End of Session 1

At conclusion of Session 1, teams will be reseeded according to their finish in pool (1-4)

#1 seeds from pools AA thru CC and #2 seed from pool AA will enter Pool AA

#2 seeds from pools BB and CC and #3 seed from pool AA and BB will enter Pool BB

#3 seeds from pools CC and #4 seeds from pools AA and BB will enter Pool CC


  Conclusion of Sessions 2 and 3

At the end of sessions 2 & 3, teams will be repooled according to their new seeds.

End of Session, teams will be placed in the following pools:


Pool AA                                                                            Pool BB

#1 seed will remain in Pool AA as #1 seed                #1 seed will remain in Pool BB as #1 seed

#2 seed will move to Pool BB as #2 seed                    #2 seed will move to Pool AA as #2 seed

#3 seed will move to Pool BB as #3 seed                    #3 seed will move to Pool AA as #3 seed

#4 seed will drop to Pool CC as #1 seed                      #4 seed will drop to Pool CC as #2 seed




Pool CC                                                                                                                                    

#1 seed will ascend to Pool AA as #4 seed               

#2 seed will move to Pool BB as #2 seed               

#3 seed will stay in Pool CC as #3 seed




End of Session 4

Pools AA & BB will enter Gold Bracket

Pools CC will enter Silver Bracket

Tiebreakers will be resolved in the following order: Game Win Percentage, Head to Head Games, Head to Head point differrential, overall point differential, point differential versus top-seeded common opponent (in pool)