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    Starting in fall 2020, TU will partner with Mercy College of Ohio to a dual degree program in applied health science and nursing.
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Bloom (noun): A process of becoming. #MondayMotivation
"My dad taught me how to be diplomatic and humble. From a young age, he has shown me to be the bigger person. He taught me to have integrity, and to be genuine. Diplomacy is a trait that you use for the rest of your life in anything that you do." - Alyssa McDannell * * #CommunicatingOurCulture #CCUatTU
"Wow. What a whirlwind the last few weeks have been! Through the bittersweet ending of my college career, I finally have some exciting news to share with you all! Following in the footsteps of my successful, Wonder Woman of a mother, I have accepted a full-time remote marketing position. I will be working with a few branches in the Northern Michigan region to help carry out marketing tasks from the corporate team, as well as leading the branches social media platforms and planning events to help better tie each branch to their respective communities. This connection came from a previous accounting professor, Tom Marben, and I could not be more thankful for his connection. My time at Tiffin University was far from glamorous, I endured many, many challenges and was forced to grow more than I ever thought was possible. But I will forever be grateful that I chose a university that gave me the opportunity to build meaningful, lasting relationships with my professors. Graduation next Saturday will be a day full of smiles and tears, but you better believe I will hold onto this level of gratitude for a long, long time." - Rachael Dowczek
"My parents are the ones who taught me to communicate effectively and properly from the time I was born. They taught me manners and everything else important with communication. They also taught me to be the best that I can be as they always pushed me to work harder and grasp for bigger achievements throughout my life." -Connor Stocker * * #CommunicatingOurCulture #CCUatTU
Pic of the week comes from Ryland Lumpkin.
Striving for education--for improvement of your mind--should not be an unchartered journey toward any definite goal, but a gratifying and fortifying broadening of one’s consciousness, and an enrichment of one’s possibilities of life and happiness. - President Schumacher #TuesdayThoughts * * ( : wldf600m)
✅ Present research papers with other Tiffin University students and faculty at the 2019 Academy of Criminal Justice Science Annual Meeting in Baltimore. ✅ Take train to famous Union Station. ✅Take tour of the White House. ✅ WH Tour guide a TU Alum and current White House employee. ✅Tour Library of Congress. ✅ Participate in ACJS Conference session with TU faculty. ✅ Check out the famous cherry blossoms in Washington DC. ✅ Take train rain to famous Union Station ✅ Gain first hand experience in the forensic psychology field that will prepare me for my career.
"My mom – She taught me everything about my life. She taught me everything that I know – especially how to deal with other people, how to talk to them." -Rafael Biff * * #CommunicatingOurCulture #CCUatTU
Our new blog post is up with Michael Lewis, the Executive Director of the Criminal Justice and Social Sciences Center for Experiential Learning. tiffin.edu/blog * * #ExperientialLearning #CriminalJustice #HigherEd
Monday should start with a Dragon at Trafalgar Square. #ThroughDragonEyes