CCU Strategic Plan

Tiffin University’s Pathways Forward: Strategic Plan 2017-2022 details the purposeful, proactive, and intentional goals and objectives that guide the Institution. Included in the Pathways Forward document are the goals of Celebrating CulTUral Uniqueness:



Under the leadership of Dr. Schumacher, TU has embarked on this initiative to strengthen our approach to diversity. At the end of this in1tiative, the University is expected to demonstrate a culture of openness to diversity of thought and action. not because it doesn't do so already. but because as an institution, we can do better. TU's administrators, faculty, staff and domestic and foreign students will show a stronger attitude of embracing, welcoming and leveraging diversity. Tiffin can be known, internally and externally, as an institution that educates and develops individuals to be prepared for the realities of the world with which they live and work.

We would like to make a promise to our students, our employers and our community that: Tiffin University graduates, regardless of their area of specialty are: innovative problem solvers who can leverage diversity of any type to work effectively with people who are different from them and produce innovative ideas.



Culture, for the sake of this initiative, is defined as "the characteristics and knowledge of a particular group of people defined by everything from language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music and arts” (Zimmerman 2015). At Tiffin University, we have more than one culture at play: The campus culture and the culture each individual on campus encompasses.

We have entitled this initiative, Celebrating CulTUral Uniqueness, because not only is the culture at TU unique from other academic institutions, but we are all unique. This is something to be understood, respected and celebrated. As part of this initiative, we feel it is important that all TU students graduate as globally competent individuals who can continue to understand, respect and work with others who are different from them, and are able to work effectively within other cultures that may be different than what they are accustomed to.



  • Other institutions are focusing solely on indus1on and ensuing that diverse groups are supported on campus and/or diverse faculty members are being brought in. What they are NOT doing is making sure that graduates have tangible skills to take 10 employers.
  • We are offering students the tool kit they need to deal with the reality of working with people who have different opinions and backgrounds.
  • Celebrating Cultural Uniqueness isn't just about inclusion. It is offering students the opportunity to feel comfortable celebrating and sharing their differences instead of hiding them in order to “fit in” with the general campus culture.
  • Most initiatives are campus based. We are offering the community and alumni the opportunity to be a part of this as well. By encouraging others to join in and in passing on information to our students to go out to the world and see things differently, we move past Celebrating CulTUral Uniqueness as simply an initiative, but as a way of life.


Reference: Zimmerman, K.A. (2015, February 19.) What is Culture? Definition of Culture. Retrieved from:



In Strategic Priority 1 - Create an environment focused on Student Success - CCU is specifically detailed in the following key objective:

Create a culture where faculty and staff decision-making gives priority to the personal and academic success of TU students


  • Strengthen institutional identity
  • Graduates, regardless of their areas of specialty, will become innovative problem solvers who can leverage diversity of any type to work effectively with people who are different from them and produce innovative ideas
  • TU will be recognized for professional development in cultural awareness and inclusion
  • TU's Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning (CITL) will be responsible for coordinating Faculty Advising Training Programs to ensure the most effective advising strategies are used by TU faculty


In Strategic Priority 2 - Grow innovative academic programs - CCU is also infused in the following objective:

Strengthen and promote TU as an innovative, cutting-edge institution that promotes global competencies, cultural awareness and innovative learning experiences. 


  • Design learning environments that expand student perspectives based on culture, curriculum and travel.