Building Cultural Competency Certificate Training

Through our Celebrating CulTUral Uniqueness Commitment, Tiffin University is committed to training faculty, staff and students in cultural competence.

Building Cultural Competencies is a four-part training series that involves lectures, activities, interaction with colleagues, presentations and engaging learning experiences to help participants:
  • Demonstrate effective self-awareness and self-management on the job.
  • Navigate through cultural differences, both domestic and global, with an intended outcome of mutual understanding and respect.
  • Be aware of implicit biases and know how to regulate behavior appropriately.
  • Understand one’s Cultural Intelligence (CQ) assessment and know how to translate it into effective working relationships.
  • Demonstrate the ability to use the four CQ Strategies (Drive, Knowledge, Strategy and Action).
  • Build cultural understanding and intelligence within one’s organization.

Certificate Training Slideshow

The photos below are from the certificate training that took place in June 2019.