Academic Year (AY) 2016-2017

Celebrating CulTUral Uniqueness (CCU) was founded in 2016 by President Lillian Schumacher as TU’s response to diversity and inclusion.

  • The initial steering committee, comprised of TU administrators, faculty and staff, was founded to create content and programming for CCU – Learn more.
  • Dr. Mansour Javidan, Thunderbird School of Management, was brought on to speak and consult regarding CCU. He worked one-on-one with the CCU Steering Committee and led the entire student body in guided discussions surrounding CCU.

AY 2017-2018

  • A CCU-inspired elective undergraduate course was developed that infused a cultural discussion of Alexander Hamilton and adaptations from the award-winning Broadway musical.
  • Betsy Struxness, original cast member in the Broadway musical, Hamilton, came to speak to TU’s campus – Learn more.
  • Development began on the Building Cultural Competencies training program to bring the CCU message and guided training to the TU campus.
  • A CCU Week was held in spring 2018 to highlight CCU with the students. Outcomes of CCU Week included the development of a student food pantry to assist our students in need.

AY 2018-2019

  • As CCU grew in scope and depth, the President’s Advisory Council (PAC) was founded in lieu of the steering committee. The PAC provided the structure of three councils under University leadership to develop CCU-focused programming in all areas of the University.
  • Members of the President’s Advisory Council are Dr. Lillian Schumacher, Dr. Peter Holbrook, Dr. Kristina Collins, Dr. Sharon Perry-Fantini, Ms. Nadia Lewis and Dr. Julia Porter.
  • To provide a measurable CCU assessment for the campus climate and in the classroom, TU began working with the Cultural Intelligence Center, as many individuals were trained to lead cultural intelligence sessions on campus.
  • Building Cultural Competencies Program was created with the help of Dr. Jane Wheeler. This year-long program brought together administrators, faculty, staff and students in directed CCU-focused training over the year in four in-person training sessions.
  • First class graduated in May of 2019.

AY 2019-2020

  • Speaker Daniel Juday kicked off the year speaking to both Building Cultural Competency participants, faculty, staff, first-year students and athletes. – Learn more.
  • Second class of Building Cultural Competencies program went through the process, including 700 administrators, faculty, staff and students in directed CCU-focused training over the year in four in-person training sessions.
  • President’s Advisory Council created an online platform of Building Cultural Competencies in Organizations to compliment the face-to-face training.
  • For the first time in TU history, all administrators, faculty and staff were brought together for a one-day training session led by Dr. Sandra Upton from the Cultural Intelligence Center. She spoke about Cultural Intelligence and how to increase effectiveness in the workplace. Additionally, all participants took the CQ Assessment. – Learn more.