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Diversity Committees

The Diversity & Inclusion Mission

Tiffin University shall strive toward excellence, which requires a commitment to diversity by creating an environment that is welcoming, understanding of different perspectives, affirming, and empowering to all populations. In order to foster a healthy environment, we seek and welcome a diverse group of faculty, students, and staff. Differences may include, but are not limited to: culture, gender, ethnicity/race, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, socioeconomic status, mental and physical abilities, religious and political beliefs, and work and military experience. Our commitment will provide a professionally-focused educational experience by promoting contribution to and participation in an increasingly diverse and global society.

Expansion of Opportunity Councils:

Diversity Celebrations & Prevention Education Committee: Elizabeth Athaide-Victor, Caitlyn Bass (Co-Chair), Chelsea Bass, Linda Good, Aly Horn, Juli Huston, Rebecca Kielbasa, Mikki King, Wayne Kreis (Co-Chair), Kelsey Kuzma (Co-Chair), Amber Molnar, Julie Richards, BK Riha, Shantel Weaver, Alexis Savage (Student), Cody Miller (Student), Kylie Holms (Student), Tinashe Peresuh (Student), Madison Wagner (Student).

Sexual Assault Response Team:  Jill Aldrich, Juli Huston, Kelsey Kuzma, Nicholas LaTorre, Amber Molnar, Julie Richards, Jacob Simon, Det. Mark Marquis (Tiffin Police), Megan Holman (Mercy Hospital Sane Nurse), 

Civil Rights Investigation Council: Rudy Brownell (Deputy Coordinator), Ana Paula Fantini, Richard Goeb, Joyce Hall-Yates, Diego Hernandez, Juli Huston, Miriam Justinger (Deputy Coordinator), Kelsey Kuzma (Deputy Coordinator), Nadia Lewis (Deputy Coordinator), Sandra Miller (Deputy Coordinator), Peter Piraino, Tangi Ritchie, Scott Saracusa, Jacob Simon (Deputy Coordinator), Jason Bock, Robin Dunlap (Interim), Iffat Fathima (Interim), Ashley Miklovic (Interim)

Clery Compliance Committee: Kenneth Santos (Chair), Lonny Allen, Deidre Hassinger, Brittany Holbrook, Kelsey Kuzma, Nick LaTorre, Julie Richards, Jacob Simon, John Wank, Amy Wood

To truly stand out, we must not feel compelled to fit in.