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Student Accounts FAQ

What is a student account?

Each student attending Tiffin University, including the regional campuses, will have a financial account with the Office of Student Accounts. This student account may include tuition and fee charges. Other charges may include room and board, student insurance fees, lab fees, bookstore charges, late fees, and other various fees.

When is my bill available?

Bills are updated on a monthly basis and are only provided in an electronic format. Updated statements are posted to a students online account during the first business week of every month. A notice regarding a new statement will be sent to the Tiffin University provided email account. It is the students’ responsibility to check their email as well as their statement for any changes that occurred from the previous month.

My parents pay the bill, can they view my bill?

Students must grant their parents access to the billing portal by logging onto the Self-Service website and assigning their parents a PIN under the “Finances” tab.

What is a Financial Hold?

A financial hold will be placed on University records if you have an unpaid balance on your student account. Students will not be permitted to register for classes, receive a transcript or diploma, or receive grades with a financial hold on their account.

Why is financial aid not on my account?

You will need to contact the Office of Financial Aid in regards to aid not being applied to your student account. Please ensure that you have filed your FAFSA to apply for financial aid. You must apply for financial aid every year.

Will I receive two bills (one for tuition and fees and another for housing room and board)?

No. They are combined on a single bill.

Are tuition and fee waivers reflected on the bill?

Tuition and fee waivers should be reflected on your statement in the form of a line item notation. You will continue to receive a statement. If your waiver is not showing, you will need to contact the Office of Student Accounts.

If my bill shows a zero (0.00) “amount due”, do I need to do anything?

You do not need to do anything if your bill shows a zero balance.

What if I don’t want my refund?

If you do not want the credit on your account to be released to you, contact the Office of Financial Aid either by phone or by submitting a written request.

How do I update my address?

You can update your address through the office of the Registrar.

Does Tiffin University have a monthly payment option?

Tiffin University does offer an annual monthly payment plan that can provide up to ten (10) equal monthly payments, depending on when you enroll. No interest is accrued on your account if you are signed up for a monthly payment plan.