Goal Assessment Report

Annual Assessment Reports are required for all Tiffin University programs by the Ohio Department of Higher Education and the Higher Learning Commission to be used for accreditation reviews.

Goal Assessment Reports for majors and concentrations are due from the Department Chairs to the School Deans by June 1st.

The School Deans must submit Goal Assessment Reports for school, majors and concentrations (along with any changed Program Assessment Plans) to the Dean of Assessment & Accreditation by July 1st. Reports should be submitted in Microsoft Word format and sent as an email attachment.

What to include in Goal Assessment Report

  • Use the approved Goal Assessment Report form.
  • Name of the degree program(s) assessed.
  • Methods used to evaluate student achievement of the expected learning outcomes for the degree program(s).
  • Numbers of individuals assessed (in each method).
  • Results or findings from the assessments and how the results are interpreted relative to the programs expected student outcomes.
  • Uses of assessment results – specific examples of how assessment results have been or will be acted on or used for program development.


  • Check to ensure that the annual report is consistent with the assessment plan. Annual assessment reports should reflect the faculty’s commitment to implementing the assessment plan for their degree program(s).
  • Briefly summarize results from each assessment method and describe how these results were interpreted relative to the program’s expected student outcomes. Link the assessment findings to the expected student outcomes.
  • Provide examples of how faculty have used assessment information to modify or develop the curriculum, course content, teaching, or services to improve student learning in the program.
  • Describe how assessment information is shared with faculty

Assessment Data Collection Archive Files

  • Keep 10% of assignment/project papers.
  • Keep all capstone/committee evaluation sheets.
  • Keep a copy of the original assignment/project as given to students.
  • Include a copy of the grading rubrics used for assignment/project.