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Assessment Duties

University Faculty Members

University faculty members are the key driver in the assessment process. They are responsible for:

  • Determining student learning outcomes for the Tiffin Core (General Education)
  • Determining assessment methods and standards for the Tiffin Core outcomes
  • Determining program outcome assessment plans for majors within their departments
  • Collecting and analyzing data as specified within the program outcomes assessment plan specific to their major

Department Chairs

Department Chairs work with their department colleagues to determine appropriate student learning outcomes respective to their majors. They are also responsible for:

  • Coordinating assessment efforts for majors as well as for any Tiffin Core courses within their department
  • Reviewing program learning outcomes and curriculum maps
  • Updating annual assessment plans including outcomes measured, key assignments, and faculty responsible
  • Updating minimum course content guides with respect to embedded assessment expectations
  • Completing the annual assessment plans for each major and/or Tiffin Core course and submitting it in Taskstream AMS by May 15 of each academic year
  • Following-up on all action plans as specified 

Academic Deans

Academic Deans coordinate the efforts of all academic assessment plans within their schools. They are also responsible for:

  • Determining with school faculty, holistic student learning outcomes
  • Determining specific student learning outcomes specific to school core curriculum goals
  • Oversight for all outcomes assessment data collection and analysis in their respective schools
  • Analyzing department assessment plans and completing a school executive summary as part of the school’s annual assessment report and submitting it to the Assistant Provost for AEDE by August 1 of each academic year

Assistant Deans

Assistant deans work with department chairs in the development and implementation of assessment plans within their respective schools. They are also responsible for:

  • Assisting school faulty and department chairs with completing program outcome assessment plans
  • Sharing assessment information with school faculty and curriculum planning committees, as needed
  • Assisting school deans and department chairs with implementing assessment plans
  • Assisting school deans with preparing and submitting annual assessment reports to the Assistant Provost for AEDE
  • Assisting the Assistant Provost for AEDE Assessment as needed

Faculty Curriculum Committee

Faculty Curriculum Committee is comprised of faculty members representing their individual school and department programs. They are responsible for:

  • Approving student learning outcomes and assessment methods for the Tiffin Core
  • Assisting the Assistant Provost for AEDE as needed with respect to Tiffin Core outcome goals
  • Evaluating the program outcome assessment plans of new program proposals, as well as any other form of curricular change

Office of the Academic Excellence, Distinctiveness, and Effectiveness (AEDE)

The Office of the Academic Excellence and Effectiveness is responsible for coordinating all assessment efforts throughout the TU campus. The Office is also responsible for:

  • Chairing the TU Outcomes Assessment Standing Commitee
  • Serving on the University Curriculum Committee (ex-efficio)
  • Serving on the Tiffin Core (General Education) Committee
  • Creating the TU Annual Outcome Assessment Report
  • Assisting faculty with program outcome assessment plans for new program proposals
  • Maintaining Taskstream, including student artifacts/data/rubrics (LAT), as well as all qualitative information entered (AMS)
  • Working with HLC, ACBSP, and OBR with respect to any and all assessment requests/needs
  • Assisting the Vice President for Academic Affairs as needed
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