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Outcomes Assessment Committee

In fall of 2015 the full faculty voted by majority to create a standing committee called the Outcomes Assessment Committee. This committee is chaired by the Coordinator for Academic Excellence and Effectiveness and is comprised of representatives from each academic school (School of Arts & Sciences, School of Business, and School of Criminal Justice & Social Sciences). The AVPAA, VPAA, and Assistant Deans for OA will sit as ex-officio members.

The Tiffin University OA Committee is charged with developing a campus “Culture of Evidence” in which data and assessment play a key role in academic decision making. The group meets monthly to explore ways to systematically evaluate assessment processes and streamline data collection for program learning outcomes and general education. It further works to support accreditation efforts and to ensure that assessment practices are centrally coordinated, but highly flexible to meet the interests of the academic programs, departments, and colleges. Additional responsibilities include developing an assessment calendar, maintaining meeting minutes and organizing sub-committees, as appropriate.

2022-2023 Committee:

Members: Andrew Faber, Nicholas Reinhard, Steven Hurwitz, Christopher Boehler, Shannon McKeehen, Ben Shuff

Ex-Officio: Michelle Maus, Kellie McGilvray, Erin Dean, Terry Sullivan, Peter Holbrook, Kerry Jones, Thomas Marben, Chloe Will

Chair: Owen Fritz

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