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Taskstream Resources

Taskstream Overview

  • Taskstream is the system Tiffin University utilizes to house Academic Program Assessment Plans as well as student artifacts. Taskstream also provides the ability to create professional and personal ePortfolios.
  • To learn more about Taskstream and its parent company, Watermark, visit:

Student Benefits:

  • Retain work completed across entire educational journey, including multiple courses, field, clinical, internship, and service learning experiences
  • Document and track requirements for all service learning, internship, and field experience outside the classroom. Use for every course
  • Develop highly customizable professional and personal portfolios containing a variety of file types (audio, video, images, etc.) to track growth and development
  • Author reflective journals, projects, assignments, and other web-based documents for all learning experiences
  • Connect to instructors, peers, and assessors for immediate feedback, coaching, mentoring, and team-based collaboration
  • Share work samples and ePortfolios with potential employers

Faculty Benefits:

  • Create a streamlined workspace to manage all of your assessment activity
  • Build interactive, customizable assessments that enhance student engagement
  • Directly and indirectly evaluate student learning outcomes, program objectives, and institutional mission and goals
  • Access assessment data instantly to reflect on student learning, course, and curriculum improvement
  • Enjoy virtual file storage and abilities to author web-based assignments, as well as your own documents, journals, and projects
  • Prepare your professional and personal customizable portfolios that showcase scholarly work, professional accomplishments, service to the institution, development goals, and assessments


  • All Tiffin University students have a Taskstream account created for them.
  • After graduation, if students would like continue using their account, they need to contact Taskstream at
  • Instructors will notify their students if they are taking a course that collects a key assessment for an academic program. It is the student’s responsibility to then submit the assignment via Moodle (or the method chosen by instructor) AND ALSO submit the assignment in Taskstream.

Training Resources / Taskstream Support

ePortfolio Guides

Direct Submission

Dragon Assessment Assistance

To request assistance related to Taskstream, ePortfolio, Faculty Success, and Outcomes Assessment Projects, use the link below.

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