Study Abroad


Education should always be more than classrooms and textbooks. We live in a global community, and there are few events that can influence a person more than the experience of studying and traveling abroad.

Studying abroad means becoming part of the community in which you are living. You will be more than simply a tourist. Part of developing your independence means learning to handle simple daily tasks that you take for granted at home: using a pay phone, negotiating the public transit system, posting a letter, shopping for groceries, and doing the laundry. All of these tasks and more must be re-learned when you enter a new culture.

International experiences greatly affect individuals at the personal, academic and professional levels.  The exposure to adverse situations and new environments that study abroad provides not only enables students to be more flexible and adapt to new surroundings, but it helps to develop knowledge, skills and abilities that are desirable in any professional setting.  Thus, it is essential that you leverage your study abroad experience in your job search, via your resume, cover letter, and definitely in your interviews. You must learn to effectively communicate the unique skills and experiences from your international exposure to differentiate yourself form other candidates.










American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS)

AIFS provides study abroad programs in 18 countries: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Peru, Russia, South Africa, Spain.  AIFS also offers Multi-Country tours in the summer.

Programs are offered Fall, Spring and Summer.  Not all programs are offered every semester.  Some are only during the academic year and others are offered only in the summer.  The majority of the courses are taught in English, but there is ample opportunity for language study.  A few the programs require that students take language courses on site or that they be proficient in the language.

Spanish Studies Aborad

The Center for Cross-Cultural Study is an educational organization dedicated to promoting in-depth understanding of Spanish-speaking countries for our students, through specifically designed academically rigorous university-level study abroad and cultural travel programs.  CCCS has academic university-level programs in Seville and Alicante, Spain and in Cordoba, Argentina.

Oxford Study Abroad Programme

Tiffin University’s program at Oxford is offered through an arrangement with the Oxford Study Abroad Programme. This program is offered both fall and spring semesters as well as summer. While fall and spring are for full-time attendance, the summer term is usually part-time.  The term consists of 12-13 weeks in 14 tutorials (usually regarded as the equivalent of 14 US semester credits) taught by members of the faculty of Oxford University.  Each tutorial has one tutor and one or two students.

Students live in double room housing with one or more British or other non-American student residents and may take most of their meals in their Oxford college dining hall at low cost.

Webster University in St. Louis provides study abroad opportunities in several locations. Programs are located in Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Thailand.  They also provide opportunities in Japan and China.

Santa’Anna Institute

Sant'Anna's mission is to educate, support, and inspire international students to become active citizens of the world. We are committed to academic excellence within an authentic and engaging Italian community.