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Meet the Faculty

School of Arts & Sciences

aaron burton

Aaron Burton, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Communication
Chair, Humanities Programs
SAS Internship Coordinator
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michelle meadows

Michelle Meadows, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Education
Department Chair for Education
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chris boehler

Christopher Boehler

Visiting Professor of Chemistry/General Sciences
brandon clay

Brandon Clay

Assistant Professor of English and American Literature
justin delong headshot

Justin DeLong

Instructor of Commercial Music
Voice, Music Technology, and Musical Theatre
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tonia duncam

Tonia Duncum

Assistant Professor of Physics
Department Chair for The Tiffin Core
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robin dunlap

Robin Dunlap

Assistant Professor of Mathematics
stacey floyd headshot

Dr. Stacey Floyd

Director, The Center for Faculty Support and Teaching Innovation
Professor of English
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sushmita ghoshe

Sushmita Ghosh, Ph.D.

Professor of Science
michael goodnough

Michael Goodnough, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of History
mike herdlick

Michael Herdlick

Associate Vice President for Institutional Advancement
aly horn

Aly Horn

Managing Director for Creative Arts
Instructor of Commercial Music
Musical Theatre Director, Voice, Entrepreneurship
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vicki ingalls

Victoria Ingalls, Ed.D.

Professor of Mathematics and Sciences
john kleinoeder

John Kleinoeder

Instructor of Digital Media
jamie marinis

Jamie Marinis

alex manfredo

Alexandra Manfredo

Assistant Professor of Commercial Music
Songwriting, Voice, Entrepreneurship, TiffinMusic Studios
419.448.3583 More Info
matthew mccabe

Matthew McCabe, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Exercise Science
Department Chair for Sciences and Mathematics
567.268.6026 More Info
timothy mccarty

Timothy McCarty, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Natalie McClain

Assistant Professor of Mathematics
shannon mckeehen

Shannon McKeehen, MFA, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of English
shauna mcmillan

Shauna McMillan

Director of English as a Second Language (ESL) program
robert melczak

Robert B. Melczak, M.S.

Instructor of Exercise Science
vincent moore

Vincent Moore, Ph.D.

Professor of English
dan meyers

Dan Myers

Assistant Professor of Commercial Music
Music Production, Film Scoring, Sound Design, Indie Bands
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stephanie opfer

Stephanie Opfer, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of English
Department Chair for the Humanities and Creative Arts
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drew parent

Drew Parent

Director of Bands
Instructor of Commercial Music
Marching & Concert Bands, Jazz & Funk Bands, Percussion, Rhythm Section Courses
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brad rees

Bradley Rees

Vice Provost for Creative Arts
Assistant Professor of Commercial Music
Up in the Air, University Choirs, Audio Engineering
419-448-3366 More Info
bk riha

BK Riha

Arts Recruiting Coordinator
Instructor of Commercial Music
Musicianship, Vocal Groups
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mark sabo

Mark Sabo, Ph.D.

Professor of Forensic Science and Chemistry
andrew savage

Andrew Savage

Assistant Professor of Biology
SAS Lab Director
419.448.3428 More Info
john schupp

John Schupp, Ph.D.

Outreach Coordinator for the Drone Academy
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
419.448.3507 More Info
elizabeth sprunk

Elizabeth Sprunk, Ph.D.

Dean of Nursing at Mercy College of Ohio
419.251.1524 More Info
kylie stocker

Kylie Stocker

Assistant Professor of English
jamie tooman

Jamie Tooman

Assistant Professor, Nursing at Mercy College of Ohio
lindsay vance

Lindsay Vance

Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator of Teacher Education
joseph van kerkhove

Joseph Van Kerkhove

Assistant Professor of Art