Spend less, go further in your education with the DragonNext advantage, a partnership with Terra State Community College and Tiffin University.

DragonNext offers you the opportunity to begin your studies at Terra State Community College (TSCC), then complete your bachelor’s degree at Tiffin University (TU).

DragonNext Advantages

  • Designed to save you money. Students in the DragonNext program may enroll in a maximum of three semester hours of course work at Tiffin University during the fall, spring and summer semesters for a maximum of four semesters prior to transfer; the student will pay the TSCC rate for these courses. TU supplemental fees and technology fee will be charged to TSCC. Books are the student’s responsibility. Once a student earns their associate's degree from TSCC and starts their bachelor's degree on TU's main campus, they may be eligible for a transfer scholarship ranging from $7,000 - $10,000 dependent on cumulative GPA.

  • Choose from over 40 undergraduate degree programs on-campus, online and at extended learning locations. You can take courses in your academic pathway at both TSCC and at TU that will apply directly to your bachelor’s degree program.
    * Programs vary at each location. For more on programs, go to tiffin.edu/academics/undergrad.

  • TSCC courses align with Tiffin University courses, allowing for a seamless transfer to TU. You will receive support from both schools, working with dedicated counselors from each institution.

  • Students will have access to services and programs at both schools. This includes access to TU’s Office of Career Services, library privileges and academic resources, like tutoring and use of Murphy Academic Center. Students will be able to attend athletic and other student activities offered by both institutions as well.

Admissions requirements and processes

Students apply and are admitted directly out of high school or as a college transfer student. In either case, students begin the program by applying for an associate degree at TSCC, while purposely planning to transfer to TU for bachelor’s degree completion. DragonNext requires that students must be accepted by both TSCC and TU.

To apply, go to terra.edu/apply_aid/how_to_apply/new_student_admissions/index.php

For more information contact

Admissions Office at Terra State Community College

Admissions Office at Tiffin University