Fraternal Order of Police University (FOPU)

Tiffin University is proud to partner with the Fraternal Order of Police University (FOPU) to offer scholarships to current members of the Fraternal Order of Police and their spouses.

The graduate scholarship is a $250 per-credit-hour discount off of normal tuition. The online bachelor’s degree scholarship is a $150 per-credit-hour discount off of normal tuition.

If you're ready to move your career ahead, it's time to learn more about convenient, affordable online degrees at Tiffin University. We believe that higher education shouldn't be limited to the classroom: it should be accessible and have practical applications, helping students acquire the industry-relevant, employer-demanded skills they need to succeed. That's why we provide hands-on training and knowledgeable faculty members who are established professionals in their field. So if you think your career could be enhanced by an industry-oriented education, it's time to find out more about Tiffin University's online courses: simply select your area of interest or fill out our form below to learn more.

About Fraternal Order of Police University (FOPU)

The formation of the Fraternal Order of Police University (FOPU) is a consortium of colleges and universities, whose mission is to provide members of the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) with accessible, multi-varied learning programs that will enhance personal and professional growth, promote a lifelong commitment to learning, and enable FOP members to better serve their communities.

FOP members and their spouses will be able to receive special consideration for tuition and scholarships, receive college credit for training and experience, and are able to take courses that will accommodate the unique scheduling needs of a working law enforcement officer.

College-educated police officers will have better communication skills, write better reports, perform more effectively, have better leadership skills, show more initiative in performing police tasks, be more professional, receive fewer citizen complaints and less litigation, use discretion more wisely, have better critical decision making skills, show more sensitivity to racial and ethnic groups, have fewer disciplinary problems, and will be more likely ready for promotion.

Students must provide a copy of their FOP membership ID card to receive this discount. Students who receive this discount are not eligible to receive additional types of Tiffin University's discounts.


“Tiffin University offered an appealing curriculum and efficient distance learning structure that compliments my unique, fluctuating shift-schedule. While the subject matter challenges the student, Tiffin University’s experienced faculty ensure an ambitious student is given every opportunity to succeed. My academic experiences and subsequent accomplishments in Tiffin University’s graduate program have enhanced my personal knowledge and professional resume as I prepare for promotional opportunities within my agency’s command staff.”

Taylor S.
Active FOP member and lodge president

“My experience with Tiffin University so far has been nothing but positive. The program and the required courses I took seemed well-constructed and challenged me both academically and creatively. I have learned with and from my fellow students, although I feel that given the fact that the program is all online, I have learned the most from the research I had to conduct for the written assignments. Having had to research a plethora of subjects and then write about them has given me a deeper understanding of the material, and I look forward to applying what I have learned at Tiffin on the job.”

Holger Grimm
Correctional Officer

Available Programs

Career Opportunities

Tiffin at a Glance

- Correctional Officer- Regional accreditations
- Parole Officer- No application or other hidden fees
- Probational Officer- Flexible start dates
- United States Secret Service Agent

- Accepts transfer credits


Amy Wood
Vice President for Enrollment Management
1-800-968-6446, ext. 3372