Appendix F: COVID-19 Risk Management Planning for Science Labs

  • All students entering the lab building must complete a temperature check. If a student’s temperature is elevated above 100.3 degrees, the student will be sent to his/her dorm and notified that he/she should contact telemed services. 
  • Students will be issued protective eye goggles on the first day of lab course and be required to wear the goggles during all labs. This will help protect the mucus membranes around the eyes. They will be responsible to keep these goggles in their possession. Disinfectants will be provided for students to maintain these goggles.
  • Tiffin University will provide disposable face masks to all students for each lab class. The student must wear the mask at all times in the lab. At the end of the lab, students will throw these masks into garbage. 
  • Tiffin University will provide disposable nitrile gloves to each student for each lab session. These gloves must be worn for the full lab session.
  • Students must wear long sleeve shirts and long pants, along with a lab coat for each class. Students must wear closed shoes. No sandals or open shoes will be allowed. Students will be issued a lab coat in the first lab, and must wear and maintain the cleanliness of the coat. The exceptions to wearing a lab coat are as follows:
    • In exercise science labs, sometimes students must engage in forms of exercise and be tested. The professor has the ability to make the decision to allow students to wear shorts and short sleeved shirts during the testing procedure due to the required lab process in the curriculum. Other than engaging in an exercise lab under the professor’s approval, students must follow the dress code.
    • Students with multiple lab courses will be issued only one lab coat.
  • At the end of each lab session, professors (overseeing students) will be required to disinfect all lab table surfaces, spigots, handles (doors and drawers) prior to the next lab. This is a faculty responsibility to insure that disinfection takes place. Tiffin University will supply this disinfectant and paper towels.
  • If possible, professors will have students complete lab processes individually. However, if the lab process or lab instruments are limited, and the lab needs to be completed in student groups, the professor may choose due to curriculum needs.
  • Exercise science professors will split students between the lab and the classroom as much as possible to increase social distancing. This is due to the size of the lab with equipment.
  • At the end of the lab, all students will throw away the nitrile gloves, wash their hands and use hand disinfectant.
  • Students will need to launder the lab coat after each lab, unless the student is enrolled in more than one lab a day. Please make sure to emphasize the need for frequent laundering of lab coats.

Large signs will be posted outside and inside of the lab courses with these policies.