First-Year Experience

First-Year Experience assists incoming students with their transition to Tiffin University through numerous programs, services, and resources. Our goal is to coordinate first-year programming that significantly improves the college experience, enhances student satisfaction, and encourages engagement early in the collegiate career.

2018 Welcome Weekend

Welcome Weekend
Welcome Weekend is held the weekend prior to the start of the fall semester. It is a required event for new students serving as an introduction to virtually everything TU has to offer. Welcome Weekend is a chance for new students to make connections while being led by upper-class peer mentors. Throughout the weekend, students will meet with faculty within their major, meet in small groups, and are encouraged to enjoy a variety of fun-filled games, speakers, and activities.


New Student Convocation
Tiffin University embodies a student-centered, friendly, engaging campus culture.  As part of the TU culture, administrators want to recognize the significance of the beginning of each new academic year and have fellowship with their new Dragon Family.  The primary goal of Convocation is to mark the transition from high school to the university as well as to inspire the students to engage learning opportunities that lay before them. TU started its inaugural Convocation Ceremony in the Fall of 2014 to help first-year students acclimate to TU, recognize transfer, international, and military students and celebrate the beginning of new opportunities with a new academic year!

Campus Connect
The Campus Connect program serves as an extension of our F.I.R.E. orientation and Welcome Weekend activities for our first-year students. Campus Connect offers a variety of events to help new students with the transition to college and campus life. Throughout a student’s first semester, they are expected to attend at least six campus events. Students are required to attend two events from each of the following categories; student organization meeting/sponsored event, co-curricular program, and social activities sponsored on-campus.  Each category represents a different First-Years focus area to diversify new student’s campus experience.

First-Year Seminar
First-Year Seminar (FYS100) is one-credit hour course is a continuation of Welcome Weekend and will provide an in-depth introduction to college life, college realities, college expectations, study skills, and time management. All students enrolled in their first semester at Tiffin University will participate in this course.  All incoming first-year students are also required to read a University-selected book during the summer prior to their arrival on campus. The common reading book is used during the First-Year Seminar course as a discussion tool during the first semester.

Peer Mentor Program
The Peer Mentor is an upper-class student who works with an instructor to co-facilitate the First-Year Seminar (FYS) course each semester.  Students who apply must be an upper-class student with a minimum cumulative 3.0 GPA and undergo a group interview process before being selected. The Peer Mentor responsibilities include: 1) attend and assist in the facilitation of all Welcome Weekend activities to kick-off the fall semester, 2) attend all classes, activities, and meetings for the FYS course, 3) assist in facilitating class discussions in FYS, 4) communicate with first-year students inside and outside the classroom, 5) meet regularly with the FYS instructor to plan class activities, and 5) be a positive role model for first-year students. The Peer Mentor Program requires each peer mentor to attend training workshops.  The workshops cover expectations and responsibilities of a peer mentor, how to plan a lesson, leadership skills, professional attitude and dress, communication skills, and working within a group dynamic.  The peer mentors meet on a weekly basis to discuss concerns and weekly topics and activities.

Exploring Your Future
Exploring Your Future (EXP101) is an optional one-credit hour course is offered in the spring semester and is designed to assist students who have not declared their major or who are still exploring their career options. The course seeks to identify how knowledge, skills, and values are matched to major and career choices. It will expand the student’s knowledge of major, occupational, and career opportunities and to find the career path that is the best fit.

Dragon Family Club
The Dragon Family Club is designed to reinforce the communication and service between students, guardians, and the University. Enrollment in the Dragon Family Club provides parents and/or guardians access to the Family Newsletter complete with key dates and events going on throughout the semester, as well as helpful resources to assist the family members of college students through the university acclimation process. Families are also invited to attend the annual Family Day of Fun providing parents and families the chance to experience a day in the life of their TU student.

Office of First-Year Programs
Jamie Marinis, M.Ed., TESOL
Director of First-Year Experience
Instructor of English
Gillmor Student Center
800-968-6446 ext. 3357
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