What is Criminalistics?

CSI: Not Just on TV

BCJ Criminalistics
Millions of people know about crime scene investigation (CSI) from watching the famous TV series, which has been on the air for 15 years. Fortunately for us casual viewers, some take it seriously enough to pursue as a career in criminalistics.

Criminalistics is the reconstruction of crimes and analysis of physical evidence for use in criminal proceedings. It’s a crucial part of the criminal justice system, which is why Tiffin University recently added it to our online degree program.

Criminalistics Jobs

Students working toward a Bachelor of Criminal Justice in Criminalistics degree learn to identify, sort, compare, interpret and catalog evidence according to strict legal and scientific rules. This valuable expertise forms the foundation for criminalistics jobs, such as:

  • police officers
  • detectives
  • intelligence analysts
  • corrections officers
  • other criminal justice professions.

Why Major in Criminalistics?

Our criminalistics program combines classroom teaching with a unique progression that advances your experience from the crime scene to the courtroom. It’s intense but rewarding and teaches skills you can apply in many ways in public and private sector jobs. It’s also flexible, with online classes starting in January, March, May, July, August and October to accommodate our students’ busy schedules. As with our other criminal justice degree programs, there are no application fees and we accept transfer credit from regionally accredited institutions.

Successful CSI television programs have developed a dedicated fan base. Now find out how Tiffin University teaches what you need for a successful career as a crime scene investigator.

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