Post Conference Proceedings

The maritime industry, like every other segment of the US economy, is dependent upon technology for every aspect of its operation. However, the maritime environments present some unique challenges to keeping data safe and reliable. Cyber threats continue to be present in today’s political and technological landscape, increasing the need for improved security measures. With a focus on the articulation of current and future maritime cyber challenges and threats, MRS 2017: Cyber Security in the Maritime Transportation System brought together local and federal experts alongside academics and industry professionals to outline the implementation and operationalization of a sound maritime cyber strategy. The symposium assessed threats, vulnerabilities and recent advancements in both attack vectors and maritime cyber security research to inspire ideas for innovative research to define the next generation of maritime cyber security.

The symposium was held at Tiffin University on November 13-14, 2017 and attracted 225 attendees. The attendees included 31 students from eight universities and 14 attendees from five countries (United Kingdom, Mexico, Canada, Romania, and Singapore). The attendees represented 29 different educational institutions, all branches of the United States Military, various Federal Law Enforcement and Homeland Security agencies, and multiple private sector organizations. The 2017 Maritime Risk Symposium is the 8th annual Maritime Risk Symposium.

The major research questions developed during the MRS 2017 were:

  1. How should the maritime transportation system handle the widespread proliferation of legacy systems and the vulnerabilities they present?
  2. What metrics can be used for resilience in the maritime cyber systems and can resilience be quantified?
  3. What metrics can be used for trust in cyber-physical systems and can trust be quantified?
  4. How can the maritime transportation system protect against combined physical and cyber attacks?
  5. What are the key challenges in training/retraining different players in the maritime transportation system in good cyber behavior and how can people be trained to change their behavior?

2017 Maritime Risk Symposium Post Conference Proceedings: The Global Maritime Cybersecurity Challenge