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Thomas Marben, Ph.D., CPA

School of Business

Assistant Professor of Accounting

tom marben

“Prof. Marben is always willing to answer questions you have regarding homework and class material in a timely manner. When I was quarantined for Covid in the Fall, he scheduled a Zoom Meeting to make sure I was understanding the material for the course and making sure my other classes were going ok as well. I was glad that he cared about my well-being. His kindness made my learning a positive experience for me in an unfortunate circumstance.”

“Dr. Marben has only taught one class of mine, but his kindness went way beyond that one class. In that class, he brought the energy every time (which was @8 AM). It really made everyone want to show up to an otherwise boring class. Outside of the classroom, I think he is one of the most approachable people on campus. I was never afraid to go to him if I had a question about anything. I chose him to be my advisor for my internship because of this fact. As my advisor, he put a lot of thought into making my class schedule and the rest of my time at Tiffin as easy as possible. I understand that it is the advisor’s job to make a student’s life easier, but I feel that nobody would’ve gone as far as Dr. Marben. For example, he told me I could substitute one of my classes because I will have a lot of internship hours. Nobody on campus ever explained that to me, and it should be a well-known fact. Not to mention, whilst Dr. Marben was bringing a smile and upbeat energy to Tiffin every day,  he was earning his Ph.D., which is obviously, no easy task. Through my personal experience, nobody on campus comes even close to Dr. Marben when it comes to deserving this honor.”

“Always smiling in class and happy to teach his students. Looks to get to know his students with daily conversations before and after class. Helps make the material we are learning more understandable in different ways.”

“Professor Marben has gone above and beyond his required duties to teach at this institution for me and his students far longer than just this past year. He has displayed empathy and excellence in the pursuit of our best interests and has openly expressed his availability for further assistance, whether it be for class, sports, or life in general. I have always considered his advice before making any large decision impactful to my future, and plan to continue to maintain a relationship long after my years at Tiffin University are behind me. He has always provided excellent advice with my happiness and best interest at heart.” 

“At the beginning of the fall semester, I came back to school with substantially low enthusiasm to keep my college career going. I became increasingly bored with the curriculum because it was not challenging me as I thought it would. Professor Marben called a meeting with me due to him noticing something had changed in my demeanor. By him going above and beyond his standard classroom duties and personally discussing the matters with me in his spare time, he concluded what was wrong and recommended different ways to keep my academic career exhilarating. Without his assiduity and exhortation, I am positive that my grades would have suffered. I am very thankful for what he did and it truly showed his colors and compassion for his students.”

Nominated by Rachel Faber, Grant Voisard, Joe Oren, Joe Harakal & Anonymous