Bachelor of Arts

General Science

Unlock the secrets and the magic of our world ... through science. For the always-curious mind, TU's general science program offers a wide range of classes, from health issues to psychology, and from chemistry to biology, for students seeking a broad base of content knowledge to pursue a science related career.

The General Science major offers students a choice from two concentrations: Behavioral Science, and Chemistry. This program is designed to provide the student with a broad-based science curriculum with interdisciplinary components for students seeking a broad base of content knowledge and laboratory skills in each of the major scientific disciplines to pursue a science related career.

The Bachelor of Arts degree in General Science program is multi-disciplinary (requires basic mastery of several sciences beyond the introductory level) and enables students to develop skills that relate to a wide variety of topics, ideas, and experiences.

General Science is an appropriate major for students interested in health-related careers, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, and medical technology. Combined with a second major/minor in English, General Science is an excellent preparation for a writing career in science, technology, or natural history. In the business world, General Science students can embark on careers in sales, health care administrators, and production when combined with a major/minor in business management or marketing.

Core Curriculum of the School of Arts & Sciences 39 hours
General Science Major 39 hours

  • BIO210 and BIO210L General Biology I and Lab
  • BIO211 and BIO211L General Biology II and Lab
  • CHM131 General Chemistry I and lab
  • MAT273 Applied Statistics I
  • MAT275 Elementary Analysis 
  • NAT elective
  • NAT205 Introduction to Earth Science 
  • NAT114 Survey of Science
  • NAT201 Principles of Physical Science 
  • NAT215 Environmental Science 
  • BIO311 Human Anatomy and Physiology I 
  • SAS470 Internship


Behavioral Science Concentration 15 hours

  • NAT220 Survey of Health Issues
  • NAT291 Drugs and the Body

Two of the following:

  • PSY320 Motivational Psychology
  • PSY360 Introduction to Counseling
  • PSY362 Abnormal Behavior
  • PSY363 Cognitive Psychology
  • PSY401 Biological Foundations of Behavior

One of the following:

  • SOC250 Social Psychology
  • SOC310 Sociology of the Family
  • SOC320 Community Sociology


Chemistry Concentration 16 hours

  • CHM132 General Chemistry II and lab
  • CHM331 Organic Chemistry and lab
  • CHM381 Quantitative Analysis and lab
  • CHM481 Instrumental Analysis and lab


Total BA hours 127-128 hours


This is a sample course sequence to illustrate course offerings for this major. Consult the official Academic Bulletin for detailed registration and advising information.

On Campus - Offered in a 15-week semester format with start dates of January and August

All General Science concentrations offered

Earth Science (NAT205) - An introduction to the basic concepts of earth sciences. Topics to be covered include the structure and composition of earth, physical and chemical processes shaped/ shaping the earth, types and distribution of rocks and minerals, natural resources, and environmental and economic impacts of the earth.

Survey of Science (NAT114) - A general science course that entails a brief overview of the major science disciplines of biological science, earth science, physics, and chemistry. The student will be able to demonstrate knowledge of basic concepts and principles of biology, earth/space science, chemistry, and physics and demonstrate an understanding for the process of scientific discovery and their implications in our society.

Organic Chemistry I (CHM331) - The study of organic chemistry including the structure and nomenclature of organic compounds. Topics will consider both the theoretical and experimental approaches to organic compounds. Lab required.

Quantitative Analysis (CHM381) - This course will serve as an introduction to the basic concepts of analytical techniques. Students will be expected to apply concepts learned in General Chemistry. The techniques and skills developed in the required lab will be essential for CHM481. 

  • Business - Sales, Health Care Administration and Production
  • Health-Related Careers - Medical Technology
  • Writing Careers - Science, Technology and Natural History
  • Cleveland Metropolitan School District
  • Horizon Science Academy
  • Springboro Community City Schools
  • Toledo Public Schools
  • Vermilion Local Schools


Ana Paula Fantini
Ana Paula Fantini

Ana Paula Fantini, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Exercise Science & Biology

School of Arts & Sciences
Degrees & Certificates
  • Ph.D., Physiology, Kent State
  • M.A., Union College
  • B.S., Union College
  • B.S., Union College

Ana Paula Fantini, Ph.D.

Professor Fantini obtained double major in Physical Education and Sports Management, minors in Health and General Business, and a master's degree in Health and Physical Education from Union College. She earned her Ph.D. in Physiology from Kent State University. She started her teaching career in 2007 as an adjunct instructor for the Health, Kinesiology, and Physical Education Department at Lincoln Memorial University. In 2010 her teaching career continued at Tiffin University. She taught classes for the School of Business in Sports Management as she developed the major in Exercise Science for Tiffin University. Currently, Professor Fantini oversees and teaches the major in Exercise Science for the School of Arts & Sciences.

Ana Paula Fantini, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Exercise Science & Biology
Ana Paula Fantini, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Exercise Science & Biology
Sami Mejri
Sami Mejri

Sami B. Mejri, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Science

Program Chair, General Education

School of Arts & Sciences
Degrees & Certificates
  • B.S., Chemistry, Bowling Green State University
  • M.Ed. (Science-Ed), University of Toledo
  • Ph.D., International and Comparative Education, North Central University

Sami B. Mejri, Ph.D.

Dr. Sami Mejri has worked in higher education for more than ten years, and is currently a full-time faculty at Tiffin University serving as Assistant Dean for graduate online programs. Dr. Mejri earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Bowling Green State University, a Master of Science Education from the University of Toledo, and a Ph. D. from Northcentral University. His doctoral studies were in the area of international and comparative education. He has taught science, math, and foreign languages here and abroad, and he is a member of the international honor society.

Sami B. Mejri, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Science
Sami B. Mejri, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Science


  • The on-campus events and activities that are offered have made it easy to learn about a number of different topics. I also believe because of the diverse population here at TU it allows me to gain a broader perspective of different cultures and customs that I have not encountered before.

    -Payne VanTilburg '16

  • "Tiffin University was my top choice when searching for colleges. I knew with nationally recognized Criminal Justice Programs, I would receive the best education for my future career goals. Because my undergraduate experience was so positive and rewarding, I have pursued my Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice at TU working as a graduate assistant for First-Year Programs. As a GA, I have been able to give back to an institution that has given so much to me and my fellow classmates. Go Dragons!”

    – Sean M. Durocher, Class of 2015

  • “There is always gonna be a little doubt in any person's mind when it comes to new things. But for me, I think proving people, who said I couldn't do it, wrong is my biggest motivation. There's really nothing that seems impossible to me anymore, the world is constantly changing and I feel like I am much more capable of adapting to those changes now compared to when I was walking on to TU's campus for the first time.”

    Alexandra Tozzie
    Class of 2018
    Louisville, Colorado

    Students in game room
  • “I was faced with the pressure of being the very first to graduate from college in my immediate family. Not coming from a wealthy or 'well off' background, college was just a very faint thought, even approaching my senior year in high school. I dealt with self-esteem issues throughout my high school career and I found it hard to see myself anywhere than where I was. My perceived challenges were rooted from me and my surrounding circumstances. Here at TU, I was able to overcome my fears and put myself in a position that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. Becoming a Dragon was the best decision I have ever made.”

    Nellene Arnett
    Class of 2017
    Toledo, Ohio

    Students in game room
  • "TU wasn’t just the place I went to get my degree. It was the place I grew up and I am forever thankful for my Dragon family. It’s always a great day to be a Dragon.”

    – Allison Marie Staunton, Class of 2016

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