Master of Humanities

MH with a concentration in Art & Visual Media

Art has the power to educate, motivate, stir emotions and change the heart. Advance your career with studies of modern and traditional art media: websites, film, paintings, photography, sculpture. We will build your visual and creative literacy so that you can progress to the next level and become a graphic designer, museum curator, art teacher or a freelance collection manager.  

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MH concentration in Art and Visual Media guides students through both the western tradition and contemporary film and graphics with courses such as Women in Art, Cult and Independent Film, and History of Photography.  The academic study of art and visual media at Tiffin University promotes visual literacy and gives students tools to interpret and evaluate visual media in all of its forms: websites, film, television, paintings, drawings, and sculpture. This concentration also supports those interested in teaching art at the high school or community college levels with courses such as Teaching College Art.

This online course of study guides our students through both the western tradition and contemporary film and graphics with courses such as Women in Art, Cult and Independent Film, and History of Photography. The academic study of art and visual media at Tiffin University promotes visual literacy and gives students the appropriate tools to interpret and evaluate visual media in all of its forms: websites, film, television, paintings, drawings, and sculpture. This specific concentration also supports those students interested in teaching art at the community college level.

Tiffin University’s Art & Visual Media concentration offers the benefits of a comprehensive curriculum taught by professors who are highly qualified academically and professionally, in an online environment that provides students with the flexibility they need to balance life and learning. Tiffin University’s Art & Visual Media concentration is comprised of a diverse offering of courses that cover the history, practice, and theory of art and creativity.


Did you know?

  • According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for Art Directors was $80,880 in May, 2012.
  • Starting salaries are about $32,000, but with experience, the average salary is about $75,000 after five years in the business, depending on the location.


Potential Career Opportunities in Art & Visual Media:

  • Community College Art Teacher
  • Freelance Collection Manager
  • Graphic Designer
  • Museum Curator
  • Preservation and Conservation
  • Publishing
  • Visual Resource Curator

Art and Visual Media Concentration 18 hours
Choose six of the following 3-credit courses 

  • ART515 Teaching College Art 
  • ART524 Creativity and Its Development 
  • ART525 History of Photography 
  • ART530 Cult and Independent Film 
  • ART533 Film Censorship 
  • ART534 Third Cinema 
  • ART535 Classic Hollywood Cinema 
  • ART561 Survey of Western Art History 
  • ART562 Film Theory 
  • ART563 Art and Culture of the Graphic Novel 
  • ART624 Women in Art 
  • COM532 Documentary Film

Master of Humanities: Interdisciplinary Core 9 hours

  • ART623 Aesthetics
  • ENG564 Literary Theory
  • HUM510 Introduction to Graduate Humanities 

Capstone or Exam Option 3 hours

  • HUM680 Capstone Project or HUM681 Comprehensive Exam 

Total MH 30 hours


This is a sample course sequence to illustrate course offerings for this major. Consult the official Academic Bulletin for detailed registration and advising information.

Online - Offered in a 15-week format with start dates in January, May and August

Teaching College Art (ART515) - This course investigates the practical issues and challenges of teaching art in a college setting, including teaching studio art, art appreciation and art history. Students will learn to develop effective syllabi, identify and articulate learning objectives, design effective projects, teach with artifacts and objects, facilitate engaging discussions and methods of assessment in the arts and the critique process. Students will develop a portfolio that includes a teaching philosophy, syllabi and sample lesson plans. Problem solving on the individual and group level will be stressed. Note: This course will require several scheduled Live Chat sessions.     

Creativity and Its Development (ART524) - This course is a study of how artists, writers, composers, and scientists develop creativity and how to generate new ideas, considered from psychological, educational, and artistic points of view. Readings from psychologists, philosophers, artists and student contributions will help examine this broadly defined field. In this seminar-style course, the creative process will be examined from various angles. Students will participate in the analysis of theories of creativity, experiments in their own creative processes, and through examination of the work of other artists. This course investigates artistic decision-making by involving students in the creative process and examining the psychology, sociology and biology of creation. A combination of independent study and seminar, students design, research and produce artistic work focused on their individual interest within the arts; collectively, the students examine the nature of creativity and art. Students analyze artistic choice by examining works of art, researching and discussing the artist and his/her context and participating in workshops with visiting teaching artists.    

History of Photography (ART525) - This course surveys topics in the history and cultural uses of photography in Europe and the US in the 20th and 21st centuries. Starting with the origins of photography in Enlightenment and early Industrial Revolution Europe, students examine the role of the daguerreotype in the US and photography’s role within war, western expansion, and social Darwinism. There will be discussions on the establishment of elite art organizations in Europe and the US by the 1890s concurrent with the flood of mass consumer photography and commercial production. The course will then examine major developments and uses of photography such as magazine journalism, advertising and fashion, and social documentary as well as photographic practices linked to art movements like constructivism, surrealism, documentary realism, and formalism. It will conclude with a look at the more contemporary postmodern practices, which foreground the question of photography’s social and psychic operations. Special attention will be paid to the interrelations among photography’s diverse cultural uses and the terms in which debates about the medium’s unstable art status have played out.     

Cult and Independent Film (ART530) - This course examines various cult films and the cult film phenomenon. From the definition (or designation) of “cult” to the unusual yet vital role in society this non-genre fills, the cult film does not fit into traditional critical rhetoric. Instead, by being a marginalized area of film, the cult film and the audiences of this phenomenon deconstruct mainstream film entertainment and analysis.     

Film Censorships (ART533)  - This course focuses on social and cultural aspects of film censorship while in its examination of key issues and events in the history of film censorship in the United States. Film clips and images will be available for viewing on the course site, but members of the class may be required to view several full-length feature films on their own. These films are readily available in the United States for purchase, rental on DVD, or rental through an online streaming service provided by Netflix. If some titles are not available to some students, alternative titles will be offered.

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Joseph Van Kerkhove
Joseph Van Kerkhove

Joseph Van Kerkhove

Assistant Professor of Art

School of Arts & Sciences
Degrees & Certificates
  • B.F.A., Columbus College of Art and Design
  • M.F.A., Indiana University

Joseph Van Kerkhove

Professor Van Kerkhove holds a M.F.A. in Printmaking from Indiana University and a B.F.A. from The Columbus College of Art and Design. He has taught fine art courses at Tiffin University since 2011. He is a printmaking and ceramic artist that responds to personal experiences through imagery and process. His artworks have been exhibited in a variety of venues nationally and internationally. Galleries in Cleveland and Akron, Ohio currently represent his art. Joseph participated in the Summer Print Program at the Scuola Internazionale di Grafica Venezia, Italy. Joseph is currently a member of The National Art Education Association that advances visual arts education to fulfill human potential and promote global understanding for visual art educators.

Visit Joseph Van Kerkhove’s Personal Website

Joseph Van Kerkhove
Assistant Professor of Art
Joseph Van Kerkhove
Assistant Professor of Art


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    Ivan Santiago - Class of 2015
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