Master of Humanities

MH with a concentration in Creative Writing

The power of writing allows you to create the things that you wish already exist. We will give you a solid foundation to start. With ample courses ranging from Teaching College English to Genre Writing, we focus on creative writing workshops that challenge and test you – and make you a better writer, so that you can create like no one else ever has.

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This online course of study will allow Tiffin University students to discover new talents, teaching them to write novels, short stories, poetry, creative non-fiction, screenplays and young adult fiction. Combining the academic study of creative prose, poetry and performance writing with hands-on experience producing it, this online program both deepens student understanding of the human creative process and expands their use of it. The Capstone Project is required for this concentration.

Tiffin University’s Master of Humanities Creative Writing concentration offers the benefits of a comprehensive curriculum taught by professors who are highly qualified academically and professionally, in an online environment that provides students with the flexibility they need to balance life and learning.

This concentration offers students the opportunity to work with various genres of creative composition, including Novel, Short Story, Drama, Poetry, and Genre and Performance writing.

Tiffin University’s Creative Writing concentration is an excellent choice for students who wish to pursue creative writing professionally, or who wish to move on to a terminal degree program in Creative Writing after completing their Master of Humanities degree at Tiffin University. This concentration also supports those students who wish to teach Creative Writing at a two-year college.


Did you know?

  • According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for Creative Writers was $55,940 in May, 2012.
  • Writers and authors work in an office, at home, or wherever else they have access to a computer. Most work full time. However, self-employed and freelance writers usually work part time or have variable schedules. About two-thirds were self-employed in 2012.


Potential Career Opportunities in Creative Writing:

  • Author
  • Editor
  • Education/Instructor
  • Freelance Writer
  • Journalist
  • Publication Assistant
  • Public Relations/Advertising
  • Technical Writer

Creative Writing Concentration 18 hours
Choose three of the following 3-credit courses

  • ENG541 Creative Writing: Short Story
  • ENG542 Creative Writing: The Novel
  • ENG543 Creative Writing: Poetry
  • ENG544 Creative Writing: Genre Writing
  • ENG545 Creative Writing: Performance Writing

Choose three of the following 3-credit courses

  • ENG515 Teaching College English
  • ART524 Creativity and its Development
  • ENG531 Studies in Genre Fiction
  • ENG570 Ethic Voices: Poetry
  • ENG583 Poetics of Western Drama

Master of Humanities: Interdisciplinary Core 9 hours

  • ART623 Aesthetics
  • ENG564 Literary Theory
  • HUM510 Introduction to Graduate Humanities

Capstone 3 hours

  • HUM680 Capstone Project

Total MH 30 hours


This is a sample course sequence to illustrate course offerings for this major. Consult the official Academic Bulletin for detailed registration and advising information.

Online - Offered in a 15-week format with start dates in January, May and August

Teaching College English (ENG515) - This course will investigate both theoretical and practical issues related to teaching First-Year composition. Topics will include developing effective syllabi, identifying and articulating learning objectives, designing effective writing assignments, assessing college writing, understanding and creating rubrics and developing an effective critique process. Students will develop a portfolio that includes a teaching philosophy, syllabi and sample lesson plans. The final assignment will be the development of a syllabus with a paper explaining the rationale for that syllabus in terms of pedagogical goals for the course and best teaching practices.

Creative Writing Workshop: Short Story (ENG541) - The Creative Writing Workshops are writing courses in the tradition of the classic writer’s workshop with the advantage of being online. Students will write and criticize their own and each other’s material in light of critical study of the writing of short fiction.

Creative Writing Workshop: The Novel (ENG542) - The Creative Writing Workshops are writing courses in the tradition of the classic writer’s workshop with the advantage of being online. Students will write and criticize their own and each other’s material in light of critical study of the writing of a novel.

Creative Writing Workshop: Poetry (ENG543) - The Creative Writing Workshops are writing courses in the tradition of the classic writer’s workshop with the advantage of being online. Students will write and criticize their own and each other’s material in light of critical study of the writing of poetry.

Creative Writing: Genre Writing (ENG544) - This creative writing course guides students through the methods of writing a variety of genre fictions, including but not limited to young adult fiction, children’s literature and creative nonfiction. The structure and conventions of a variety of forms of genre fiction will be studied along with mood, tone, point of view and setting. This course will emphasize publication conventions and the writing of marketable work.

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Vincent Moore
Vincent Moore

Vincent Moore, Ph.D.

Professor of English

School of Arts & Sciences
Degrees & Certificates
  • B.A., Psychology, Oberlin College
  • M.A., Creative Writing, Miami University
  • Ph.D., English, University of Southern Mississippi

Vincent Moore, Ph.D.

Dr. Vincent Moore has worked in a number of non-academic fields and has lived in eleven states while pursuing his educational and career goals. Growing up in Oberlin, OH, he earned his B.A. in Psychology at Oberlin College (1985). He studied for an M.S. in Exercise Physiology, but instead earned an M.A. in Creative Writing at Miami University (1992). In 1998 he earned his doctorate in English (main focus: Writing; secondary areas are 20th Century American Literature, Film, and Posthuman Literary Theory) at the University of Southern Mississippi. Since 1992 he has been teaching at the college level, first as an adjunct in Maryland and New York, then full time at Kutztown University in Pennsylvania and later at St. Paul’s College in Virginia before coming to Tiffin University.

Dr. Moore has been at Tiffin University since August, 2002. His teaching interests are Composition, Creative Writing, Modern and Postmodern Literature, and Film.  He regularly teaches at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, with courses such as History of Film, Film Genre, The Criminal Mind in Crime Literature, Genre Fiction, Creative Writing, a seminar on Sherlock Holmes, and introductory writing courses.  He's been a member of the Popular Culture Association since 2001 and has presented at their national conferences on masculinity, body dysmorphic disorder, science fiction, and posthuman theory.  As a freelance writer, his work has been in Jewish Currents, Inside Kung-Fu, Black Belt Magazine, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Bulletin of Bibliography, and many other magazines and journals.  He teaches the novel-writing class in the Master of Humanities program and three of his novels are available on

Vincent Moore, Ph.D.
Professor of English
Vincent Moore, Ph.D.
Professor of English


  • I could not have asked for better faculty. I love how small the class sizes are because I really know the majority of my professors pretty well. More importantly, they know me really well and are aware of my future goals and aspirations. I know that I could seek help from any one of my mentors and they would give me the best advice that they had.

    -Beata Krembuszewski '17

    TU helped grow my network and give me experience by meeting students from other cultures and countries, and learning from a range of professors. Anyone who wants to feel connected to their fellow students, to their personable professors, and the community
  • Ygor Bortolato
    "I chose Tiffin because it is a university with people from all parts of the world, and the fact I could be here and meet all of them is simply amazing. Better yet, I came here for swimming and it was an honor for me to be a part of TU’s newest athletic program.”

    - Ygor Bortolato, Brazil

    Ygor Bortolato
  • Sean M Durocher - Class of 2015
    "Tiffin University was my top choice when searching for colleges. I knew with nationally recognized Criminal Justice Programs, I would receive the best education for my future career goals. Because my undergraduate experience was so positive and rewarding, I have pursued my Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice at TU working as a graduate assistant for First-Year Programs. As a GA, I have been able to give back to an institution that has given so much to me and my fellow classmates. Go Dragons!”

    – Sean M. Durocher, Class of 2015

    Sean M Durocher - Class of 2015
  • Jessica Paule - Class of 2015
    "Tiffin University is the college that has helped me grow into the person that I am today. While at Tiffin, I have made unforgettable memories and friends. I continued my education at The University of Toledo College of Law. Although I am moving on, I will never forget everything I have gained from my time at Tiffin University."

    – Jessica Paule, Class of 2015

    Jessica Paule - Class of 2015
  • Ivan Santiago - Class of 2015
    "I chose TU because of its reputation for excellence, national recognition, many extracurricular opportunities and because it offers in a small, diverse college environment. I have learned the significance of academics, leadership, diversity, communication, and relationships. TU allowed me to get out of my comfort zone in order to lead and inspire. It has prepared me to make wise and imperative decisions that will benefit me in my career and my life.”

    – Ivan Santiago, Class of 2015

    Ivan Santiago - Class of 2015

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