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Introduction and Overview

The Tiffin University Assistance and Care Team for Students (TUacts) has been developed to assist students, faculty, and staff members at Tiffin University. The overall goal of TUacts is to promote a safe environment for all, and an environment that is focused on and enhances student learning and student development. This goal involves the collaboration of the entire University community in a proactive, prevention-minded approach to problematic behavior. It uses an early identification and response strategy to manage emerging situations with a focus on preventing escalation of concerning behaviors.


Overall, the Tiffin University Assistance and Care Team for Students seeks to increase communication, collaboration and coordination regarding behavior that raises concerns or disrupts the university learning environment. TUacts enhances campus safety and promotes success by providing a centralized listening and response function regarding problematic behavior. This includes providing consultation and support to those dealing with the situations as they emerge, tracking and assessing incidents and patterns of incidents, responding to the individuals involved along TUacts guidelines and documenting all of the above.

The Tiffin University Assistance and Care Team for Students is a multidisciplinary team that meets regularly to serve five major functions for the university:

  1. Provide consultation and support to members of the university community in assisting individuals who display concerning or disruptive behaviors;
  2. Respond to reports, gather information to assess situations involving individuals who display concerning or disruptive behaviors; engage reported individuals in a process aimed at correcting the disturbing behavior;
  3. Recommend appropriate intervention strategies, referrals, outreach, or disciplinary sanctions;
  4. Connect individuals with needed campus and community resources;
  5. Monitor ongoing behavior of individuals who have displayed disruptive or concerning behavior.

TUacts: Representatives from the following departments

Jacob SimonDean of Students, Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Julie RichardsDirector of Wellness and Counseling
Aly HornManaging Director of Arts Programs
Amber MolnarArea Coordinator, Assistant Director of Student Engagement
Nicholas La TorreArea Coordinator, Assistant Director of Student Conduct
Jill AldrichArea Coordinator, Assistant Director of Housing Operations
Sean DurocherDirector of Campus Safety and Security
Lonny AllenVice President of Athletics
Dr. Jonathan AppelProfessor of Psychology and Criminal Justice
Kali SmithCampus Care Coordinator
Juliene HustonCoordinator for Disability Services, 508 Coordinator & Victim’s Advocate

If you would like to report a concern for a student, please click the following link and submit an Early Alert / TUacts Referral Form ( In the “Nature of this report” field, please select “TUacts Referral.”


If you have any questions about TUacts, please contact Jacob Simon, Dean of Students at 419-448-3421 or


In the event of an emergency or crisis situation, call #911