Tiffin Tuesdays featuring Chelsea Hoskinson

Chelsea, you have been selected for this week’s #TiffinTuesdays for as one of the selections for this year’s Hall of Fame class. Could you share with us, when you attended TU, and what did you study?
I received a bachelors in accounting, 2007 and master’s in business administration, 2011.

Tiffin Tuesdays Chelsea Hoskinson
Why did you choose Tiffin University?
I chose TU because I thought I would have the best quality education in accounting and business, along with earning a scholarship for track and field.

What activities were you involved in while attending TU?
Along with track, I was part of the Gamma Chi Alpha sorority and SAAC (Student Athlete Advisory Committee).

Do you have a favorite campus memory or person?
A lot of my favorite memories are with my track team, whether it was on the track competing, practice or having fun outside of that. We were a pretty close team overall, not too segregated by track events and the athletes you practiced with the most, but as a whole most times.

What does being a Tiffin University graduate mean to you?
Being a Tiffin graduate is something I am proud of. I feel like the education was great and to see how the campus is advancing in growth, it’s amazing. The new facilities bring a sense of pride as a former Dragon.

What advice would you give a student looking into your career?
If there’s any kind of advice I could give, it would be to try not to sell yourself short, always keep learning, and find something you truly enjoy. It’s amazing how much is still out there to learn, whether it pertains to your job or to yourself. You will be presented with so many opportunities and ways to grow, just take it all in stride. And if it takes a few jobs every couple of years to get where you want to be, that’s ok. In the field of accounting, the possibilities are endless.

Could you share a favorite life changing experience/trip?
I kind of have a few life changing events all rolled into one. First was becoming a mom, meeting my husband and building our family together. Each aspect of those events have taught me more than I can put into words, and every day I am beyond grateful for them.

Are you involved in any community/volunteer clubs?
I am slowly becoming involved in my kids’ school with just recently becoming the Treasurer for the PTA (at their school it’s called PSO) and of course other areas within the school and parish that I can volunteer for.

What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment/what are you most proud of?
I feel my greatest accomplishment was completing my master’s degree. During that time, I became a mom and there was a moment I had to step away for a semester or two to take care of my newborn and myself. So going back and finishing it, in the long run it was worth it.



This week's #TiffinTuesdays features Tiffin University alumnus, Chelsea (Shelnick) Hoskinson, a honoree for this year's Hall of Fame class