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Tiffin Tuesdays featuring Yaw Mamphey

This week’s #TiffinTuesdays, destination TU edition, we sat down with Yaw Mamphey who came to us from Accra, Ghana.

Where do you call home?
Accra, Ghana

How did you find Tiffin University?
A high school guidance counselor helped me find Tiffin when I was in Accra, Ghana, searching for colleges. I had seven Ohio colleges to choose from.

What is the biggest difference from your lifestyle now compared to before you came to Tiffin?
The biggest difference was the culture. Those individuals who shared the same values and mindset here in America, made me appreciate my background and culture more because of the differences.

What are some important aspects of American culture and society that you have learned to enjoy?
High schools in Accra had no class size ratios so they were much more packed compared to Tiffin’s classrooms. In high school, you were able to pick what major you wanted to study, compared to here, most college students picked their major in their freshman/sophomore years. Self-educating was really important and helped prepare for college.

What main differences took you longer to adjust to or understand during your experience at Tiffin?
Food, social activities, clothing, and language were some differences that took a little longer to adjust. The food and flavors were a huge difference because I had to adjust to the vast amount of flavor that a lot of food has here. If I wanted to still eat the food of my own culture I had to learn how to cook, which I did not know before coming to Tiffin. Another big difference was trying to keep up with the speed at which Americans spoke English. It was much faster than how I spoke with others in my home country.

What would you like international students to know most importantly about coming to Tiffin University?
Tiffin as a community and University was very welcoming. The vibe of Tiffin University made me feel at home because there are so many individuals that are from other places outside of Tiffin, which created a sense of curiosity and friendship to get to know others. It felt like everyone, including myself, wanted to know more about other cultures. This helped me become more involved in school activities and sports with the University.

What has been your biggest achievement while you’ve been at Tiffin?
Creating a family was the biggest achievement for me. I got the chance to finally be a parent and I believe that moving away from home and coming to Tiffin allowed that to happen.