Student Information

Updated 3/19/20 @ 3:45 p.m.

Commencement - Graduation Co-Curricular Requirement

In response to COVID-19, we recognize that our students may be facing challenges in completing the required co-curricular experiences due to closures and cancelations nationwide.  The co-curricular requirement for May and August 2020 graduates will be waived.

Moodle – Online Coursework

Students are expected to maintain an active presence and “check-in” to your Moodle shells at least once a day to review important information and actively engage in online coursework and activities, as appropriate. Faculty will be using the Announcement Forum in Moodle as the primary conduit for official course-related communication. Even though your instructor’s announcement posts will trigger an email to your account, you should be sure to check ALL course discussion forums regularly (at least daily) to be sure you have not missed any important information.

If you have questions about accessing your course in Moodle and finding the Announcements Forum, check out the video at

Guidance for Art Students

Professor Van Kerkhove will compile art material kits for all students enrolled in ART courses. These students will have the materials and guidance to work on projects required for the course during the time period the face-to-face courses cannot be taught.

Guidance for CCP Students

CCP classes are following the same protocol as campus. All CCP seated classes, both at high schools and campus, are transitioned to the online platform for the next two weeks. Advising appointments will be over the phone. TU’s CCP Program Manager has sent the news release to guidance counselors, superintendents and students.

Guidance for Digital Media and Design Students

The Digital Media and Design Lab will be open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. for students to use as they need to in order to complete the course work. Professor Kleinoeder will be in his office to help individual students with software questions. His office is adjacent to the Digital Media and Design Lab.

Guidance for ESL Students

ESL students should log into Moodle at their regular class times for online instruction.

Guidance for Music Ensembles

  • Members of the University Choir (MUS X12/X13) will be asked to listen to audio recordings of university and professional choirs, and submit written reviews of these performances. Some of these recordings will be of repertoire currently being prepared by TU ensembles. These reviews will require students to specifically address technique, performance practice, interpretation, and an assessment of artistic and aesthetic merit.
  • Members of the University Concert Band and Symphonic Wind Ensemble (MUS X10/X11) will be asked to listen to audio recordings of university and professional ensembles performing the same pieces as have been prepared to date by TU ensembles. Students will submit written reviews addressing technique, performance practice, interpretation, and an assessment of artistic and aesthetic merit.
  • The Band and Choir concert scheduled for Saturday March 14 is canceled. Repertoire scheduled to be presented will be moved to the second Band and Choir concert scheduled for Friday April 24.

Guidance for Private Music Instruction

  • Private Music Instruction will be held via video conferencing where possible
  • Where video conferencing is not possible, students will submit their individual music performances and technique demonstrations on video via Moodle. Faculty will respond, give feedback and instruction in writing or on video, and students may re-submit their work taking feedback into account.
  • Students still on campus may have access to the PAL so they may have use of drumsets, pianos, and other instruments needed in their instruction and individual practice.
  • Students who do not have access to school-owned instruments needed for practicing and instruction may have to reschedule lessons when face-to-face instruction is allowed.
  • The PMI student recital scheduled for March 18 will be postponed to a later date.
  • Two additional PMI student recitals are scheduled for April 1 and April 15.
  • Students presenting performances as part of their senior projects may be asked to make video recordings of some of their performances. These recordings will be assessed and archived.
  • Should juries scheduled for final exam week have to be canceled, students will be asked to submit performances on video, which will be assessed by faculty using PMI rubrics.

Guidance for Science Students

  • Based on the lab curriculum content, professors will work with students in the digital environment.
  • Some professors will lecture during the lab time with Collaborate, or Discussion Forums and complete lab procedures during the lecture period when face to face lab classes can be held.
  • Some professors are assigning Research Projects which can be done outside of a lab classroom. Students will  research the scientific literature through DragonQuest on the library home page to identify a journal article that involves the curriculum content in the lab.
  • Some professors will have students complete alternate lab procedures, and have students record the experiment, results, discussion, and conclusions in their laboratory notebook. The students can upload to Moodle classroom the video or picture record of the experiment.
  • Some professors will have students complete simulated laboratories.

Guidance for Students Completing an Internship

We have large numbers of interns placed with agencies across the state/nation this spring. Each internship site will vary in their response to COVID-19 which will require us to be flexible in managing each student's unique situation. Recommended guidelines:

  • If the student has already logged 100 hours, this will be considered successful completion of the internship hours, pending completion of the remaining internship documents/assignments.
  • If the student has logged 50-100 hours, the faculty will work with the student to complete additional work in place of the remaining hours. This additional work will be above and beyond the required internship assignments. Additional work may include a research paper, an experiential learning opportunity with a written reflection or working remotely.
  • If the student has logged less than 50 hours, faculty may reassess the student's academic plan to see if the student could take their internship in a later semester without consequences (including financial aid and athletic eligibility). If the student has another semester remaining, and retaking the internship at a later time is not possible, a student may be approved to take a course substitution for the internship course. If this is the student's final semester, the faculty supervisor will need to work with the student, similar to an IGS, to have them complete case studies, additional written assignments and real-world simulated experiences to meet the CLO's of the course.

** Please note: Specialty internship programs such as the Washington Center, WSARC, Disney, etc. may vary from these guidelines.  All forensic psychology students’ hours will be measured by doubling the above requirements - 200 successful completion, 100-200 additional assignments, under 100 reassess.**