Residence Life FAQ

Have A Question About TU's Residence Life?

  • Are you trying to figure out what to pack?
  • What will living on campus be like?
    • Residential living is the experience you make it. Have fun, get involved, and respect those around you; you’ll make friends and memories that will last a lifetime!
  • Will I be able to sleep and study with so many people around?
    • There are 24-hour courtesy hours, and all requests must be honored. Quiet Hours are in effect from 11:00 p.m. - 8:00 a.m. Sunday -Thursday and Midnight-Noon on Friday & Saturday. During finals week each semester, 24-Hour Quiet/Study Hours are in effect.
  • What is the purpose of the Resident Assistants and the Head Residents?
    • Resident Assistants (RA’s) and Head Residents (HR’s) are students who monitor the residential floors, halls, houses and apartments. They are Residence Life staff members who are well trained to handle emergency situations, create social and educational programming, offer support, and act as an overall resource for students.
  • What if I don’t get along with my roommate?
    • We anticipate minor conflicts and tensions that naturally arise out of small living spaces. However, we do expect our students to handle such conflicts in a mature fashion and communicate with each other to set parameters that work for all involved. For the occasional larger issues, RA’s/HR’s should be contacted before the Residence Life professional staff.
  • Can I have a pet in my room?
    • Due to health and safety concerns for both residents and animals, ABSOLUTELY NO PETS ARE ALLOWED except for fish. Fish tanks should be no larger than 10 gallons, with one tank per room and must be well maintained.
  • Where can I do laundry?
    • Laundry rooms are located in all residence halls and houses. These machines do not require the use of quarters or swipe cards! If needed, a laundromat is located near campus. If a resident finds maintenance issues with the laundry machines, please contact your RA/HR to submit a maintenance request.
  • What is furnished in my room?
    • Each room has one of the following per person:
      • Bed frame and extra-long twin mattress
      • Desk
      • Chair
      • Dresser
      • Wardrobe or Closet
  • Can I build a loft in my room?
    • The University does not allow students or their parents to build lofts in any room on campus for liability purposes. Most campus beds are bunk-able and most of the furniture is able to be lofted. All requests for this must go through the RA assigned to that floor. For safety reasons, the Maintenance Department must be the ones to bunk, unbunk, loft, or unloft furniture in your room.
  • Can I paint my room?
    • No. Student are encouraged to decorate their rooms with pictures, posters, etc. Students are not allowed to put holes in their walls. Adhesive strips, such as Command Strips, or poster putty are encouraged.
  • What if I lose my room key?
    • Students are charged $200.00 for lost keys. Lost or stolen keys should be reported IMMEDIATELY to the Residence Life staff. Replacement keys must be requested through the Residence Life Office. For your own safety, do not leave your room unlocked.
  • Is there Internet hookup in my room?
    • All University buildings offer high speed Wi-Fi access to the Tiffin University network via DragonNet. The ITS Office will help you troubleshoot Wi-Fi connection issues if you are having difficulties. Call (855) 664-1200 or stop by the Help Desk located on the 2nd floor of the Hertzer Technology Center building.
  • Can I have a George Foreman type of grill in my room?
    • Unfortunately, no. For the safety of all, the University does not allow grills and microwaves in the rooms and discourages cooking, except in university kitchen spaces. For a full list of prohibited items, please see the Code of Student Conduct.
  • Can I have an air-conditioner in my room?
    • Unfortunately, no. We realize there are periods when it can be warm in campus residences, and we recommend a good fan. Campus residences are not wired to absorb the added strain of air conditioners.
  • Can I have a refrigerator and microwave in my room?
    • You may have a refrigerator no bigger than 3.1 cubic feet. Each floor is equipped with a microwave; individual microwave units are not permitted.
  • Can I smoke or have candles and incense in my room?
    • All TU buildings and residences are smoke-free. Smoking, incense, and candle burning are not allowed in the campus residences. This includes e-cigarettes and any other smokeless tobacco product.
  • May I stay in my campus residence during breaks?
    • The halls and houses officially close during Winter and Summer Break. Students who are asked to stay in some capacity for the University are allowed to remain in the residences. Students who need to stay MUST receive permission from the Director of Housing Operations prior to the break. The application process to stay during break periods will be communicated from the Housing Operations Office.
  • Where can I cash checks or get cash?
    • The ATM machine in the Gillmor Student Center is through The Old Fort Banking Company, (419) 443-8580. We recommend opening at least a savings account with this bank during your stay here to avoid extra charges. They will cash checks for those who have accounts. There are several national banks in town as well.
  • Who cleans the rooms and buildings?
    • TU is fortunate to have a wonderful custodial and maintenance staff who maintains the common areas and community bathrooms. The custodial staff does daily cleaning for normal usage. As a member of the residence hall community, all residents are responsible for “extra” cleanup in common areas resulting from general messiness, vandalism, or pranks. If the staff cleans up “extra” messes, the individuals responsible will be billed. If they are not discovered, all residents will split the costs of cleanups and repairs. All students are responsible for cleaning their own room.
  • What is a common area?
    • A “common area” is any part of a residence that is accessible to all residents and guests, such as hallways, stairwells, lounges, lobbies, community bathrooms, study areas, laundry rooms, and outside anywhere on campus. Damages to common areas are treated as if it were your home; if the individual(s) responsible are not found, all residents share part of the expense for repairs. We strongly encourage everyone living on campus to be aware of vandalism or strangers. Please report all incidents to Campus Security, a Residence Life staff member, or to the Police.
  • Can I have a car on campus?
    • All Tiffin University students are permitted to have a vehicle on campus. Parking passes are required and can be purchased from the Office of Campus Safety. If you car is in a tow-away zone, involved in an accident, or you’ve left your lights on, etc., Campus Security staff will be able to identify who the car belongs to through your parking tag. You will then be located so that you can take care of your car.
  • What about alcohol?
    • Students under the legal drinking age may not consume alcohol, as mandated by law by the State of Ohio. If you are of legal age and choose to consume alcohol, you must be in a room where all of the occupants are 21 or older. You must not disrupt the academic environment with noise or unacceptable behavior. Refer to the Code of Student Conduct for specific details of the policy. Always remember to be responsible and respect yourself and those around you.
  • What kinds of policies do I have to follow?
    • Tiffin University has high expectations for its students. Campus policies exist to enhance community development, maintain overall safety, and foster respect. It is YOUR responsibility to know, understand and abide by the policies as well as encourage others to follow the campus community standards. Please refer to the Code of Student Conduct for all policies regarding campus life.
  • What if I need medical help?
    • If you need medical attention, Tiffin University Health Services is located at the Seneca House, 217 Miami Street. Appointments and walk-ins are always welcome. Please have your insurance information available. The staff may be contacted at 419-448-3429.
  • What if I need repairs or maintenance in my room?
    • All maintenance requests should be made through your RA or the Residence Life Office. Our Maintenance Department is very good about handling all requests in a timely fashion. If there is an emergency situation, contact the RA-on-duty or the Student Affairs/Residence Life Office.
  • What if I have other questions?
    • When you arrive on campus you will meet the Residence Life and Student Affairs staffs. We are here to help you adjust to campus life. On-campus Residence Life staff members include 37 student staff members -- including 33 Resident Assistants and 4 Head Residents. We also have 6 professional, full-time staff members who live on campus. Additional staff members include our Dean of Students, Director of Residence Life, Assistant Dean of Students and Assistant Director of Housing Operations, Director of Counseling and Wellness, Director of Student Engagement, and various other full-time employees to aid you on your college journey.
  • How do I recieve mail on campus?
    • Students who live on campus are able to sign up for a campus mailbox with the mail center. To receive mail, students will use the following as their address:

Student Name

Tiffin University, Box ###

155 Miami St.

Tiffin, OH 44883

*Please note, do not include P.O. or Post Office box number as this will slow your delivery time. 

Important Contact Information

  • Assistant Director of Housing Operations and Area Coordinator for Uptown
  • Assistant Director of Student Conduct and Area Coordinator for Downtown
  • Assistant Director of Residence Life and Area Coordinator for Coast


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