Employee Fact Sheet Questionnaire

This questionnaire will provide valuable information to the Office of Media Relations and Publications that will be included in an Expert’s Guide. The media and/or public will have access to the Expert’s Guide so if you do not wish to be included, please check the appropriate DO NOT LIST below and your information will be used for internal use only.

If you agree to be included in the Expert’s Guide and a news release is written about you, it may appear in any of the following mediums: local newspaper, your hometown newspaper, your Alma mater(s), internal email, Dragon News, www.tiffin.edu and TU’s official Facebook page.

By agreeing to be included in TU’s Expert’s Guide (a valuable marketing tool), you are agreeing to accept requests by the media for comments pertaining to your areas of expertise.  Additionally, you may also be asked to speak publicly by organizations from time to time, again, only on the topics you list and are secure with.